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I've tried several methods to disable scroll, including using CSS position: fixed, attribute overflow-scroll="false" and etc, but all methods failed.

When I swipe down, the buttons will go up and while I swipe up the buttons will go down, like bouncing effect.

May I know any solutions to this issue? Thank you very very much.

Tested with ionic 3 (should work on ionic 2):

<ion-content no-bounce></ion-content>

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I solved same problem using css. (Ionıc 3.6)

Step1: In ion-content add a new class :

<ion-content class="no-scroll">

Step2: In your CSS add the code below :

.no-scroll .scroll-content{
    overflow: hidden;

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The ion-content has a class called 'scroll-content'.

With that in mind, go to your app.css, inside the src/app and add:


.scroll-content{overflow-y: hidden;}

That should leave your ion-content with no scroll, but I'd rather user:


.scroll-content{overflow-y: auto;}

since this allows the scroll-content only if the page content overflows the ion-content.

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For disable scroll in ion-content can use setScrollDisabled() method. You should follow steps below.

In hello.ts

 import { app } from 'ionic-angular';

   public class HelloPage
       constructor(private app: App) {};


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If you don't want the scroll you may also don't need the ion-content itself, in my status for example I want to use the ion-grid directly.

<!-- my-page.ts >
<ion-grid class="has-header fixed-content">


and I added some scss for the has-header class:

ion-app {
    &.md {
        .has-header {
            margin-top: $toolbar-md-height;
    &.wp {
        .has-header {
            margin-top: $toolbar-wp-height;
    &.ios {
        .has-header {
            margin-top: $toolbar-ios-height;

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  • For anybody with an up to date version of Ionic – this is the best answer for the time being. See:
  • After removing any element that had a bigger height than the content, this worked for me aswell
  • Max from Ionic here, it's clear we need to make this way easier. We're passing around this issue internally to make sure we fix this going forward!
  • Thank you very much. But what if I want one page no scroll instead of whole app no scroll?
  • @ReoLim reference… .:))
  • For newer version of ionic2 it's;
  • Please make @FrankGoortani's comment included in the answer.
  • This should be marked as the answer. Using this for displaying non-scrollable skeleton-text while waiting for data to load from database.