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django-rest-framework validator accepts string quoted integers as valid data for integer field. Is there a way to mandate data type so that string quoted integers won't be accepted ?

Serializer keeps raw data in self.initial_data from where custom validation methods can retrieve it. So the following works

class Test(Serializer):
  true_int = IntegerField()

  def validate_true_int(self, value):
    value = self.initial_data.get('true_int')
    if isinstance(value, int):
      return value
    raise ValidationError("Not an int")

data = {'true_int': '10'}
t = Test(data=data)
t.is_valid()  # false

data = {'true_int': 10}
t = Test(data=data)
t.is_valid() # true

Validators, Validators can be useful for re-using validation logic between different types of print(repr(serializer)) CustomerReportSerializer(): id = IntegerField(label='ID',� Validators. Validators can be useful for re-using validation logic between different types of fields. — Django documentation Most of the time you're dealing with validation in REST framework you'll simply be relying on the default field validation, or writing explicit validation methods on serializer or field classes.

You can add a custom validator to the field. Custom Validator

You can create a custom serializer field that errors before conversion to an integer.

class TrueIntegerField(serializers.IntegerField):
    def to_internal_value(self, data):
        if isinstance(data, six.text_type):
            raise serializers.ValidationError("Value should be an integer")
        return super().to_internal_value(data)

Serializer fields, Signature: IntegerField(max_value=None, min_value=None). max_value Validate that the number provided is no greater than this value. Because values are converted to Python before validators are run, you can even use the same validator with forms: from django import forms class MyForm(forms.Form): even_field = forms.IntegerField(validators=[validate_even]) You can also use a class with a __call__ () method for more complex or configurable validators.

You can write field validation

def validate_field_name(self):
    validating_data = self.context.get('request').data.get('field_name')
    if isinstance(validating_data, int):
        return validating_data
    raise ValidationError('Integer value required')

Numeric fields in serializers, In Django REST Framework the very concept of Serializing is to convert DB data to a max_value Validate that the number provided is no greater than this value. create a serializer with IntegerField, FloatField and DecimalField as the fields. apis.serializers import * # create a object of type Geeks >>> obj = Geeks(123,� Setting a field for storing any type of data is like deciding a data type in C/C++ for storing a particular integer, char etc. Fields in Django are the data types to store a particular type of data. For example, to store an integer, IntegerField would be used.

Serializer fields - Django REST framework, Django, API, REST, Serializer fields, Generic Fields, Typed Fields, Custom fields, Third party packages. validators. A list of Django validators that should be used to validate deserialized values. You can use this field for any attribute that does not need to support write operations. IntegerField , django.db.models.fields. Mandate integer type in django-rest-framework validator for integerfield.NET Will stop debugging run the code in the finally block? Kubernetes deployments: Editing the 'spec' of a pod's YAML file fails; How do I take the advantage of OpenCL in an Emgu CV project; Firebase notification in Phonegap Cordova

Custom validations for serializer fields Django Rest Framework , Django REST supports both serializers and model serializers. Serializers provides basic validation for fields, In some cases we need to write� For example, with TypeChoiceField you can define a different default value with the empty_value arguement (e.g.empty_value=None) and you can define a coercion method with the coerce argument so the selected value is converted from its string representation (e.g. with coerce=int a value like '2' gets converted to 2 (integer) through the built-in

3.0 Announcement - Django REST framework, The 3.0 release of Django REST framework is the result of almost four years of This ensures you can still write validation that compares all the input fields, but that location = CharField(max_length=100) rating = IntegerField() created_by� Therefore, data validation on the server side is always necessary. Though, you can have JavaScript validation on the client side. There are different ways of form validation we can use. 1. Validation of a Particular Field. When we want certain fields to be validated, this method is used.