Why shouldn't JSX props use arrow functions or bind?

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I'm running lint with my React app, and I receive this error:

error    JSX props should not use arrow functions        react/jsx-no-bind

And this is where I'm running the arrow function (inside onClick):

{this.state.photos.map(tile => (
  <span key={tile.img}>
      onCheck={() => this.selectPicture(tile)}
      style={{position: 'absolute', zIndex: 99, padding: 5, backgroundColor: 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.72)'}}
      subtitle={<span>by <b>{tile.author}</b></span>}
      actionIcon={<IconButton onClick={() => this.handleDelete(tile)}><Delete color="white"/></IconButton>}
      <img onClick={() => this.handleOpen(tile.img)} src={tile.img} style={{cursor: 'pointer'}}/>

Is this a bad practice that should be avoided? And what's the best way to do it?

Why you shouldn't use inline arrow functions in JSX props

Using arrow functions or binding in JSX is a bad practice that hurts performance, because the function is recreated on each render.

  1. Whenever a function is created, the previous function is garbage collected. Rerendering many elements might create jank in animations.

  2. Using an inline arrow function will cause PureComponents, and components that use shallowCompare in the shouldComponentUpdate method to rerender anyway. Since the arrow function prop is recreated each time, the shallow compare will identify it as a change to a prop, and the component will rerender.

As you can see in the following 2 examples - when we use inline arrow function, the <Button> component is rerendered each time (the console shows the 'render button' text).

Example 1 - PureComponent without inline handler

class Button extends React.PureComponent {
  render() {
    const { onClick } = this.props;
    console.log('render button');
    return (
      <button onClick={ onClick }>Click</button>

class Parent extends React.Component {
  state = {
    counter: 0
  onClick = () => this.setState((prevState) => ({
    counter: prevState.counter + 1
  render() {
    const { counter } = this.state;
    return (
        <Button onClick={ this.onClick } />
        <div>{ counter }</div>

  <Parent />,
<script crossorigin src="https://unpkg.com/react@16/umd/react.production.min.js"></script>
<script crossorigin src="https://unpkg.com/react-dom@16/umd/react-dom.production.min.js"></script>
<div id="root"></div>

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This is because an arrow function apparently will create a new instance of the function on each render if used in a JSX property. This might create a huge strain on the garbage collector and will also hinder the browser from optimizing any "hot paths" since functions will be thrown away instead of reused.

You can see the whole explanation and some more info at https://github.com/yannickcr/eslint-plugin-react/blob/master/docs/rules/jsx-no-bind.md

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To avoid creating new functions with the same arguments, you could memoize the function bind result, here is a simple utility named memobind to do it: https://github.com/supnate/memobind

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Using inline functions like this is perfectly fine. The linting rule is outdated.

This rule is from a time when arrow functions were not as common and people used .bind(this), which used to be slow. The performance issue has been fixed in Chrome 49.

Do pay attention that you do not pass inline functions as props to a child component.

Ryan Florence, the author of React Router, has written a great piece about this:


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