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I use UINavigationController inside UITabBarController and one of the screens in my navigationcontroller is a UIImageView. When I want to show that image full screen I have to hide the navigation bar and tab bar. I'm able to hide the navigation bar correctly but when I hide the tab bar, it leaves 50px of white space. Any suggestion?

Thank you for all I have found the best solution to my problem .

MyImageViewController.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = YES ;
[self.navigationController pushViewController:MyImageViewController animated:YES];

It gave me the response I wanted . Thank you for your share

Hiding the tabbar and removing the space, NOTE - This solution is to just to remove white space left after hiding tab bar. my case its tableView) bottom constraints, instead of giving bottom constraints� When I open Firefix, there is a white band (sometimes blue) at top of screen that hides the navigation bar. I cannot take any action except perform one search as I cannot click on the invisible back arrow, bookmarks, shrink or close the screen. I have to close the browser by right click on Firefox icon in tray and click on close.

I think you can show it on model view controller. Put modelviewcontroller over tabbarcontroller.

FullImageView*objFullImageView = [[FullImageView alloc] initWithNibName:@"FullImageView" bundle:nil];
objFullImageView.image = OriginalImage;
UINavigationController *tempNav = [[[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:objFullImageView] autorelease];
[objFullImageView release];
self.tabBarCtrl.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationPageSheet;
[self.tabBarCtrl presentModalViewController:tempNav animated:YES];


    UIImage *image;
@property(nonatomic, retain) UIImage *image;


@synthesize image;

viewDidLoad /ViewWillApper
    //Set image in your UIImageView    

Hiding the tabbar and removing the space, Is there a way to hide tabbar and remove that space left (around 50px) ? you hide the tabbar : NOTE - This solution is to just to remove white space left after Instead of removing the entire bar, you can simply add or remove the buttons from� The word space is the character you get when you press the space bar. It’s the most common whitespace character. The word space is a character with an inherent conflict of interest: the space must be wide enough to separate individual words, but narrow enough to encourage grouping into sentences and paragraphs.

I solved this problem by changing constraints.

I had a view in my tabbar viewController whose bottom constraint was given (=0) from Safe Area.bootom. This was causing white space at the bottom. Changing this constraint to (=0) from Superview.bottom solved my proble.

I am using a navigation controller inside a tab bar. It's showing an , Then in "ViewDidLoad" of the controller you want to hide the system tab bar, put the following code. > [self It's showing an extra space above the navigation bar. How do I make an image changed on hover move over to a different position? I want the title bar but I want to put it against the top of the page, not have a blank bar taking up 25 units on top of every vizualization. As Sean said, I end up overlapping many of my charts to conserve space but then there's the issue of which chart you are cliking on when their space overlaps.

You can increase the height of your image view frame.

Tab Bars - Bars - iOS - Human Interface Guidelines, If some tabs can't be displayed due to limited horizontal space, the final If you need to provide controls that act on elements in the current view, use a toolbar instead. Don't hide a tab bar when people navigate to different areas in your app. containing white text and either a number or an exclamation point—on a tab to� Tabs. Tabs make it easy to switch between different views. When To Use #. Ant Design has 3 types of Tabs for different situations. Card Tabs: for managing too many closeable views.

After hours of research, this thread resolved my blank space issue when hidding the tabbar: hiding TabBar when rotating iPhone device to landscape

How to hide the tab bar when a view controller is shown, This allows you to show the tab bar at first, then hide it when you need more room . If you're using segues, the best place to set this property is� ¼ Em space (also known as mid space) accordingly means a space the same width as a lowercase m character divided by 4 - one fourth of an Em Space wide. Em space and En space are shown as common space, as a little dot between words, but with wider gaps before and after them. ¼ Em Space looks like a vertical bar between words:

TabBar hidden sometimes shows a black view in it's place, Tabbar hidden white space. Hiding the tabbar and removing the space, If you're still seeing a black stripe under your hidden tab bar, have you tried to NOTE� This is default. Play it ». nowrap. Sequences of whitespace will collapse into a single whitespace. Text will never wrap to the next line. The text continues on the same line until a <br> tag is encountered. Play it ». pre. Whitespace is preserved by the browser.

Hide Bottom Tabbed bar in tabbed page and fit the content to full , Able to hide the bottom bar but still there is white space in the bottom where Put the code into the method ViewDidLayoutSubviews ,it works fine on my side . And since iOS 13 the hidden TabBar is showing a blank space,� Show or hide spaces in Word with Kutools. With Kutools for Word, users can quickly show or hide formatting marks such as spaces in document. Kutools for Word, a handy add-in, includes groups of tools to ease your work and enhance your ability of processing word document. Free Trial for 45 days! Get It Now! 1.

Whitespace (programming language), Whitespace is an esoteric programming language developed by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris For example, tab-space-space-space performs arithmetic addition of the top two elements on the stack. the horizontal spacing produced by a tab character is not fixed, but depends on its location in the Hidden categories:. Usually tabs don't just display one screen — for example, on your Twitter feed, you can tap on a tweet and it brings you to a new screen within that tab with all of the replies. You can think of this as there being separate navigation stacks within each tab, and that's exactly how we will model it in React Navigation.