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I was wondering if anyone could help with a query to select part of a column.

The column 'criteriadata' contains data that would look like this:


14 27 15 C

14 30 15 DD

14 38 15 Pass

14 33 15 Pass

How can I select just the data that appears after the number 15.

Many thanks.

SELECT RIGHT(CriteriaData, 
             LEN(CriteriaData) - CHARINDEX('15', CriteriaData, 1) - 2)
FROM TableName
WHERE CriteriaData LIKE '%15%';
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MySQL SUBSTRING() Function, SELECT SUBSTRING("SQL Tutorial", 5, 3) AS ExtractString; Extract a substring from the text in a column (start at position 2, extract 5 characters):. SELECT� To select a column, move the mouse over the column until you see a black down arrow and then click to select that column. To select multiple columns, hold the mouse down when you click in the first column to be selected using the black arrow cursor and drag over the other columns to select them.

declare @T table
  CriteriaData varchar(20)

insert into @T values
('14 27 15 C'),
('14 30 15 DD'),
('14 38 15 Pass'),
('14 33 15 Pass')

select stuff(CriteriaData, 1, 3+charindex(' 15 ', CriteriaData), '')
from @T  



SQL Server SUBSTRING() Function, Extract 5 characters from the "CustomerName" column, starting in position 1: SELECT SUBSTRING(CustomerName, 1, 5) AS ExtractString. FROM Customers;. Use Ctrl + Space shortcut keys from your keyboard to select column E (Leave the keys if the column is selected). Now use Shift + Right (twice) arrow keys to select columns D and E, simultaneously. You can select columns C:A by using shortcut Shift + Left (twice) arrow keys.

If CriteriaCData always contains a pattern of 3 numbers of 2 numerics separated by a space then you always want to retrieve from 10th chars:

select SUBSTR(CriteriaCData, 10) from xxx

If you are under oracle min 10.g then use REGEXP_SUBSTR to retrieve the alpha pattern

SELECT upper(REGEXP_SUBSTR(CriteriaCData, '[a-zA-Z]*$')) FROM xxx

how can i select part of column from matrix 2000*6, its ok i'm already select column but i want part from column same 1400:1500 so i' m try already. example. x=m(:1,1400:1500). but not work (error) so how can i� Follow the steps below: Step 1: Define a new sub-procedure which can hold the macro under the module. Code: Sub Example_2 () End Sub Now we are Step 2: Start typing the Worksheets qualifier under given macro. This qualifier needs the name of the worksheet, specify Step 3: Now use Columns

Since you seem to want everything from the ninth character onwards, you could use RIGHT and LEN

SELECT right([CriteriaData], len([CriteriaData]) - 9)

However, you'd be better off normalizing your data so it was already in a seperate column.

Selecting Subsets of Data in Pandas: Part 1 | by Ted Petrou, Each individual value of the columns is called a column, but can also be referred to as column name or column label. Everything else not in bold� Term Definition; table: Any DAX expression that returns a table. name: The name given to the column, enclosed in double quotes. expression: Any expression that returns a scalar value like a column reference, integer, or string value.

On oracle use LENGTH instead of LEN

SELECT substr(CriteriaData, 8, LENGTH(CriteriaData) - 9) from table

How to Easily Select a Block of Cells in Excel, In fact, it works exactly like selecting rows. Click a column letter to select the column. You can also select multiple columns by clicking and� From the sys.databases table, this query returns the system database names in the first column, the first letter of the database in the second column, and the third and fourth characters in the final column. SELECT name, SUBSTRING(name, 1, 1) AS Initial , SUBSTRING(name, 3, 2) AS ThirdAndFourthCharacters FROM sys.databases WHERE database_id < 5;

SQL Substring function overview, The following example returns a portion of a character string starting at an initial SELECT FirstName, substring(firstname,1,5), lastname FROM Person. In the following example, using the 'firstname' column, the last two� how can i select part of column from matrix 2000*6. Learn more about how can i select part of column from matrix 2000*6

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PostgreSQL Substring, The substring function returns a part of string. The following illustrates the syntax of the We select last_name and first_name column. We get the initial name by�

  • Will 15 always appear as the 7th and 8th characters? And why isn't this data being stored as four separate columns?
  • If you will have many rows you really want to normalize this data. If not, maybe an indexed view with a calculated column would be a work around. Functions in your query (possibly barring aggregation functions) are a good sign it will be slow.
  • This assumes that neither of the previous values ever contains 15.
  • +1 for the best answer imo. The question should have been more specific
  • @dawsonz it is only insertion of the test data that fails. The query works. This way of inserting the data works from sql server 2008
  • Ah yes thank you, having just tested this it does in fact work. Thank you @Mikael
  • Though a bit ambiguous, your comment was indeed correct. I have edited my answer appropriately.