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I have check boxes selecting prices that go straight to the text box, how can I make it so it will display $ and two decimal places?


Dim total As Double
    If rb_s1.Checked = True Then
        txt_1.Text = "650.00"
        txt_1.Text = ""
        txt_1.Text = total

use the formatcurrency() method.

  txt_1.text = formatcurrency(650.0)

EDIT: Please remember to use YOUR variable names and to not copy and paste sample code. This format will work with your code when placed into your if statement.

Text Box for Currency in VB.NET 2010, This component will be used as a text box for automatically formatted currency values. I was making an accounting software when I realized using the stock Text Box component was poor for currency, hence I decided to develop one that automatically converts Decimal typed values to for example like "PhP987,654,321.09" on text boxes. And I should also say this was made using Visual Basic 2010.

Numeric Datatypes have a ToString method you can call. ToString() will just convert the numeric value to a string, but you can optionally specify a format, by putting the format in as the method parameter.

I don't know all the formats, but I do know "C2" is currency with 2 decimal places. For example, in your posted code:

Dim total As Double
    If rb_s1.Checked = True Then
        txt_1.Text = "650.00"
        txt_1.Text = String.Empty 'String.Empty is just a more precise way than ""
        txt_1.Text = total.ToString("C2")

How Format A Textbox For Currency-VBForums, How to format a textbox for currency without using Maskedit Box. The only way at the moment is read the textbox and write back to the textbox� Returns an expression formatted as a currency value using the currency symbol defined in the system control panel. public static string FormatCurrency (object Expression, int NumDigitsAfterDecimal = -1, Microsoft.VisualBasic.TriState IncludeLeadingDigit = Microsoft.VisualBasic.TriState.UseDefault

I found solution how to convert to Currency I ok


  1. dim test as string
  2. test="1000"
  3. txtBalance.Text = CDbl(result).ToString("#,##0.00")


vb.net, that might be too long for thirty currency input textbox? I found this link but I cannot find the "Add Existing Project" option from there. I use Visual Studio 2010. With this method you can format or filter a textbox in a currency mode. This simple application is made of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Check out the following steps below. Creating Application Step 1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and create a new windows form application. After that, do the Form just like this.

I found solution how to convert to Currency. Try this :

Textbox1.Text = String.Format("{0:n2} $", CType(Textbox1.Text, Double))

Text Box for Currency in VB.NET 2010, I was making an accounting software when I realized using the stock Text Box component was Duration: 6:46 Posted: 12-Nov-2011 How to format a text box to display currency value using VS C#. rwheeler23 asked on 2019-06-07. C#; 2 Comments. 1 Solution. Medium Priority. 67 Views. Last Modified

Display text in currency format in Bound TextBox - MSDN, I would like to convert the dollar amount the user enters in TextBox1 to the currency format and then display it in the same TextBox1. TextBox1� Text Field in Windows Forms Currency TextBox (CurrencyTextbox) The text field of a CurrencyTextBox control can be customized using the properties available. The below image illustrates the various sections of the control. Text. The default text in the CurrencyTextBox can be edited through Text property. Default value is $2.00.

Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 5, You can use the StringFormat property on the binding to set the format, using the value in the text box formatted as currency: <TextBox Text="{Binding TotalCost, Another source with examples can be found in the Visual Studio 2010 data� In my case, I needed to put text, and additionally, the currency symbol, once the text was written. To do that, I decided to develop a control that inherits from the original TextBox control and implements some new members to allow the control to validate and show the input text with the currency mask we need. Background. Here is a brief

Beginning Windows Phone App Development, su, Currency Conversion - Microsoft visual studio 2010 Expressic. window: Foche to Convert Convert from (currency) File Edit View Project Build Debug Format Panels ----contentpan*Grid killiame="c *Text:Box Ho*ListBox H: �TextBlock� The below VBA code can help you easily format numbers in the textbox as currency in Excel. Please do as follows. 1. Click Developer > Insert > Text Box (ActiveX Control) to insert a textbox into worksheet. See screenshot: 2. Right-click the textbox, then click View Code from the right-clicking menu. 3.