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slowly learning JavaScript on the side and wanted to try and animate this with Three.JS:

I was trying to re-create that equation but ran into a wall in that the code below is not producing the right result. I had read that JS has some big issues with floating point numbers and in particular cubed roots don't really work all that well.

for (var x = -100; x < 100; x++)
 y = Math.pow(x, 2/3) + 0.9 * (Math.pow(3.0 - (x*x), 0.5)) * Math.sin(10 * 
 Math.PI * x)

Does that look right to you JS masters?

Here is my code implementation in trying to get this to work including the fix mentioned below.

Look at the range of the graph you linked to. The heart is being drawn in the range of x: [-2, 2] , but your loop is from x: [-100, 100]. This means you'll probably get undefined results for all x values except -1, 0, 1. Try narrowing down the range of your for() loop, and you should get the desired result.

Procedurally Generated Heart In Three.JS - Questions, Hey all, I've been slowly learning JavaScript on the side and wanted to try and animate this with Three.JS: I was trying to re-create that equation but ran into a� So, let’s dig into what we’ve done here. If you have the live demo link open, you’ll be presented with a procedural starfield generated by a randomized hex string. You have three options: input your own string, allow the system to generate another random string, or travel to a known planet (use a string that is known to generate a planet).

The problem is that the result of the calculation of (Math.pow(3.0 - (x*x), 0.5)) return NAN as if not realistic number

Read here for more information about Math.pow(negativeNumber, 0.5) so i added validPow that will validate the x is positive or negative and return the right result.

for (var x = -100; x < 100; x++)

 y = (Math.pow(x, 2/3) + 0.9) * (validPow(3.0 - (x*x), 0.5)) * 
 Math.sin(10 * Math.PI * x)


function validPow(x, y)
            var result = Math.pow(x, y);
            if (x > 0)
                return result;
                return -1 * Math.pow(-x, y);

Procedural Generation in HTML and JavaScript, js. I created a text-based space exploration MMORPG called Protocore (currently only working on Telegram) with a procedurally-generated� It may seem like magic, but PCG (procedural content generation) can be learned by beginner game developers. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to procedurally generate a dungeon cave system. Our Goal. Our goal will be: Make a 100% Javascript Procedurally Generated Dungeon that at the end will look somewhat like this: New Dungeon Creating a map

Finally solved this.

It came down to this line with the key being to use Math.abs(x) inside the first Math.pow statement: var y = Math.pow(Math.abs(x), 0.66) + (0.9 * Math.sqrt(3.3 - x * x)) * Math.sin(10 * Math.PI * x);

Thanks for everyone who provided input and help!

You can view the final result here:

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How to build a random quote generator with JavaScript and HTML , If you have absolutely zero experience in HTML and JavaScript, no worries. randomly picked quote from the array using our randomly generated whole If you enjoyed this tutorial please click the heart button and share it! one argument i hadnt seen much - shared zones mean that (yet again) outdoor areas will be static like in d3. I dont know about you, but i prefer the entire world procedurally generated like in d2. Later iteration of rifts in d3 clearly demonstrated that it wasnt at all impossible to generate random maps with outdoor tile sets. Personally for me, the fixed locations became boring really fast in d3.

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Heart.js/ at master � filamentgroup/Heart.js � GitHub, A lightweight “ticker” plugin. Contribute to filamentgroup/Heart.js development by creating an account on GitHub. Technological breakthroughs, patience, and refined skills will get us there, but the first step is to understand procedural content generation. Though many out-of-the-box solutions for map generation exist, this tutorial will teach you to make your own two-dimensional dungeon map generator from scratch using JavaScript.

  • What do you mean it's not producing the right result? What result are you getting? Please create a minimal, complete, and verifiable example:
  • Added a link above to a codesandbox project.
  • Thanks for your reply! I tried implementing this in my code sandbox but the results seemed off. I added a link in my original post.
  • The values seems right, there is negative and positive numbers in position array and it still write a straight line. Im not really good with g_Geometry library your are using. but something is off it should at least not write a straight line