How to get currently logged user's email address to the View in ASP.NET c#?

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I'm developing an application using c# according to mvc. In there i'm creating a user profile which can be edit or deactivate to the current logged user. In my user profile view i have a field for the email. So that i need to get current logged user's email address to that field (input tag) in View file. How to get the currently logged user's email address to a View file? And I have used Identity model.

It depends on your code, are you using the email to login or a username? If you are using the email, then call the User.Identity.Name to get it.

If you are using a username, then use the same line to get the username then call the UserManager class to get the User object using the username and then use the email property -


Put the email in a ViewBag, ex: ViewBag.Email = user.Email.

Read that value in the view @ViewBag.Email

Free Tool to get Current Logged On User Details, Free tool to get the details of the currently logged on user in the Windows domain or workgroup. How to See Currently Logged in Users in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously to open the Run box. Type cmd and press Enter. When the Command Prompt window opens, type query user and press Enter. It will list all users that are currently logged

As of MVC 5 this is how you do it based on this SO question:

var user = UserManager.FindById(User.Identity.GetUserId());
var email = user.Email;

How to find out the currently logged-in user in Spring Boot?, As per request: Spring Boot which uses Spring Security internally provides a SecurityContextHolder class which allows the lookup of the  You can also get current logged in user with WMI object: (Get-WMIObject -class Win32_ComputerSystem | select username).username. Which is also fine and will return you with “DomainName\UserName”. Real Life examples of using the current logged in user variable. Usage within the Get-Credential:

User.Identity.GetUserName(); will give you current logged in user's email address.You should check default MVC template for more help.

Getting the currently logged in user, However, when I collect inventory at login, I only get "root" as the currently signed in user. After the user signs in, I can run "sudo jamf recon"  User().Image: It will display the user profile picture of logged in user in PowerApps designer page. I have added two labels named as LoggedInUserName and UserEmail from the Insert bar in the Microsoft PowerApps designer page. I have added two text box one text box is for displaying the username and another text box is to displaying user emailId.

If you really use identity model, Just call it in view: @User.Identity.GetUserName()

How to get the userId of currently logged user in salesforce , Hi Kapil,. You can get the ID's of all the currently logged in users by using this global function: UserInfo.getUserId(). Thanks  The current user is in request object, you can get it by: def sample_view(request): current_user = request.user print request.user will give you a User object representing the currently logged-in user. If a user isn't currently logged in, request.user will be set to an instance of AnonymousUser.

If you have a filed for "email" in your ApplicationUser you can access it without a query getting from claims, eg in controllers you can:


How to get currently logged user name using UiPath (Windows OS , Hello Team, How to get currently logged user name using UiPath (Windows OS ) Akhil Raveendran. There are a bunch of different answers floating around here for the different RC's of ASP.NET Core on how to get the ID of the currently logged in user. I wanted to ask the definite question here. Please note that project.json now has "Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.EntityFrameworkCore": "1.0.0" With RC1, you could do something like this:

How To: Get the currently logged in user, in a more Apple approved , When running scripts via the JSS, you sometimes have a challenge to get the username of the currently logged in user. If you're running the  With PowerShell, getting the account information for a logged-on user of a Windows machine is easy, since the username is readily available using the Win32_ComputerSystem WMI instance. This can be retrieved via PowerShell by using either the Get-CimInstance or Get-WmiObject cmdlet.

How to get Appian current logged in USER NAME. I just need login , Be careful with loggedinuser() it will return the user: Administrator if it can not read the current logged in user.. make sure to test.. Up 0 Down; Reply  This means you can use them to check on the given machine remotely without impacting any of the users currently logged on to the remote machine. Remote Desktop Services Manager The Remote Desktop Services Manager is part of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) suite of tools, so you’ll need to install RSAT before you can use the

How to Access the Current Logged-In Username in Spring Security , The SecurityContext is used to store the details of the currently authenticated user, also known as a principle. So, if you have to get the username  I have a Windows service which need the currently logged username. I tried System.Environment.UserName, Windows identity and Windows form authentication, but all are returning "System" as the user as my service is running in system privileged. Is there a way to get the currently logged in username without changing my service account type?

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  • don't know why but in my case Findbyid is giving null. i think you are giving name over there. you should give id over there
  • @HeemanshuBhalla it depends on your user id, usually you have an id (GUID)