How to set default input value in .Net Console App?

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How can you set a default input value in a .net console app?

Here is some make-believe code:

Console.Write("Enter weekly cost: ");
string input = Console.ReadLine("135"); // 135 is the default. The user can change or press enter to accept
decimal weeklyCost = decimal.Parse(input);

Of course, I don't expect it to be this simple. I am betting on having to do some low-level, unmanaged stuff; I just don't know how.


I know I can replace no input with the default. That's not what I am asking about. I am trying to LEARN what's involved in achieving the behavior I described: giving the user an editable default. I'm also not worried about input validation; my question has nothing to do with that.

I believe that you will have manage this manually by listening to each key press:

Quickly thown together example:

   // write the initial buffer
   char[] buffer = "Initial text".ToCharArray();

   // ensure the cursor starts off on the line of the text by moving it up one line
   Console.SetCursorPosition(Console.CursorLeft + buffer.Length, Console.CursorTop - 1);

   // process the key presses in a loop until the user presses enter
   // (this might need to be a bit more sophisticated - what about escape?)
   ConsoleKeyInfo keyInfo = Console.ReadKey(true);
   while (keyInfo.Key != ConsoleKey.Enter)

       switch (keyInfo.Key)
            case ConsoleKey.LeftArrow:
              // process the left key by moving the cursor position
              // need to keep track of the position in the buffer

         // if the user presses another key then update the text in our buffer
         // and draw the character on the screen

         // there are lots of cases that would need to be processed (backspace, delete etc)
       keyInfo = Console.ReadKey(true);

This is quite involved - you'll have to keep ensure the cursor doesn't go out of range and manually update your buffer.

How can you set a default input value in a .net console app , I believe that you will manage this manually by listening to every keystroke: Quickly folded example: // write the initial buffer char[] buffer = "Initial text". I want to show default input value on console,and that should be editable Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Oct-11 11:14am OK, the sample updated to show default value, see the statement commented "updated to show default".

Here's a simple solution:

public static string ConsoleReadLineWithDefault(string defaultValue)
    return Console.ReadLine();

It's not complete however. Some characters in the SendWait input string have special meaning so you have to escape them (eg. +, (, ), etc.) See: for a complete description.

🤞 ‍ 🦖 How to set default input value in .Net Console App?, For a long time, console/cli apps have always been a great way to get and getpass under the hood to make all that keyboard input magic happen. ReadLine() , with the default behaviour requiring no configuration at all. C# Console.ReadLine() Example. In this example, we will write a .NET Core console application that gathers information from an end user and then we will process that data and print some results to the screen. Start by creating a new Project (File > New > Project…) and select the .NET Core Console App template.

Or... Just test the value entered, if it's empty put the default value in input.

A Better Keyboard Input Experience For .NET Console Apps, › Docs › .NET › .NET API browser › System When you are using the console application template the code will be compiled requiring a method called Main in the startup object as Main is market as entry point to the application. By default no startup object is specified in the project propery settings and the Program class will be used by default.

Console.ReadLine Method (System), These streams are presented to your application as the values of the Console. To redirect the standard input, standard output, or standard error stream, call the Console the current console code page, which the system locale defines by default. NET Framework 4.5. try { // Set encoding using endianness of this system. In the middle pane, choose Console App (.NET Core). Then name the file Calculator. Add a workload (optional) If you don't see the Console App (.NET Core) project template, you can get it by adding the .NET Core cross-platform development workload. Here's how. Option 1: Use the New Project dialog box

  1. Add Reference to Assembly Library "System.Windows.Forms" to your Project
  2. Add SendKeys.SendWait("DefaultText") immediately after your Console.WriteLine command and before your Console.ReadLine command


string _weeklycost = "";
Console.WriteLine("Enter weekly cost: ");
_weeklycost = Console.ReadLine();

Console Class (System), You work with user input in console applications, local desktop applications, or your NET framework is made up of dozens of namespaces and libraries. Visual Studio defaults to the class name Program when you create a new project. You could also create temporary variables and convert the string values in them,  It is also possible to use the C# type long, which aliases Int64: long num = long.Parse(args[0]); You can also use the Convert class method ToInt64 to do the same thing: long num = Convert.ToInt64(s); For more information, see Parse and Convert. Example. The following example shows how to use command-line arguments in a console application.

Implementing User Input in C# Programming, Get code examples like "c# auto property set default value" instantly right from your don't want to update revision while updating field by code in sitecore c# how to change the title of the console in c# · how to check if a value is inside an number of times using application in c# · how to redirect to extern page in .net  If you redo a second Console.Read() it will return immediately with 53 (the unicode value of 5). A third and a fourth Console.Read() will return the end of line/carriage characters. A fifth will wait for new input. Console.ReadLine() reads a string (so then you need to change the string to a double)

c# auto property set default value Code Example, Given the normal Console in C#, the task is to find the default value of Title and change it The title refers to the string to be displayed in the title bar of the console. Title);. // Set the Title to GeeksForGeeks. Console.Title = "​GeeksForGeeks" ; of the Console · C# | How to change the Input Encoding Scheme of the Console  Next: This program tries to multiply an integer value received by the user by 10 and display the product. Line: The string "line" is assigned to the reference of the string data allocated by Console.ReadLine and filled with the input. Then: The int.TryParse static method tests for a numeric value, and if this test succeeds we can then use the

C#, Select Console Application as your project type and change the name of your application at the bottom textbox. If you are npt comfortable with default location, you  The console uses the output encoding to translate characters written by an application into corresponding console display characters. The default code page that the console uses is determined by the system locale. Starting with the .NET Framework 4, a property get operation may return a cached value instead of the console's current output encoding.

  • You can code this as the answer suggested - the user will not care about the coding technic. For the theoretical question if there is a way to do it with readline - probably not (at least not documented).
  • But - I see were you're trying to go, we are looking for a solution that will enable the user to change the default text.
  • I know it can't be done with .ReadLine(). But, I know there is a way to do this.
  • I don't think this is what is meant by the question.
  • Actually this is definitely the best answer so far.
  • Throw this into an Extension method so you could call Console.ReadLine("135"); Can Extension methods be overloads of existing methods? If not, give it a new name.
  • @Dennis - You can't add extension methods to static classes because you can't create instances of them. Maybe SuperConsole.ReadLine("default")? There are a lot of cases to handle, but coding this out and packaging it into a DLL should be worth it.
  • I got "static types cannot be used as parameters" when I tried to create an extension method for Console. So maybe that wouldn't work & maybe that's a new SO question.
  • You left his fictitious parameter to ReadLine in place.
  • Slight difference here: the @default is just a default value, not an automatically inserted value that can be erased by the user
  • a good framework to use... but only .net standard 2.0... not available for .net framework... with .net framework I get an error on trying install that package
  • Sorry. I was wrong with my statement. I find out, I need at least .NET Framework 4.6.1 but in my project I used 4.5.2. That's the reason, why I couldn't use that library/nuget-package.