Don't refresh the input values on component change

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When I enter the input fields and switch to another component, previously entered values get refreshed.

import React from "react";

const Home = () => (
    <input type="text" />

export default Home;

How to prevent the values from getting refreshed.


Here you have an uncontrolled component (the <input>). The value of the input is only stored in the DOM, and when it's unmounted, the value is gone.

To make the value persist, we need to make it a controlled component and keep the value of the input at an appropriate level. If you want it to persist longer than the instance of the Home component (and assuming you only have one Home component), you can keep the input value in the parent component of Home. E.g.:

import React from "react";

const Home = (props) => (
      onChange={event => props.onChange(}

class App extends React.Component {
  state = {
    home: {
      value: ""
  render() {
    return (
          onChange={value => this.setState({ home: { value } })}

Note that this allows the value to persist even if you stop rendering the Home component and replace it with a new one, exactly because the state is not stored in the Home component itself.

Further, as an alternative to keeping the state in a component, you can also use a store (created with e.g. Redux), but the principle is the same: If you want the value to persist longer than the component instance, then you must save it outside the component instance – and also, outside the elements rendered by the component instance, as you have done. However, whether you keep the state in a store or in a more long-lived component is more of an implementation detail.


I have looked at your code example, and in your case it will probably be cleaner to use a store. However, I'll just show you an example of how you can solve it with component state. Here is your project with the necessary changes:

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Integrated react app with redux.

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. Redux makes it easy to manage the state of your application

Install related npm packages and follow this link

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Here is my solution, using HOC and localStorage API to persist your data.

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  • Use stores, storage, db
  • @Alexis How can achieve this with stores. could you please give me a example
  • Use controlled components i.e. add value and onChange props to input. Store the value outside the component e.g. with redux
  • @MariaJeysinghAnbu Learn about Redux. I don't have time to code this for you it's better for you to try it by yourself.