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I downloaded pycharm a week ago. I define a simple function:

 def pyth_test (x1, x2):
    print (x1 + x2)
pyth_test(1, 2)

and when I run, I get NameError: name 'pyth_test' is not defined

What is wrong with Pycharm?

Nothing; pycharm is fine.

  1. I just created a new project (without any specific setup)
  2. I created a file; pasted your code, hit run; and the console shows the expected

    /usr/bin/python3.5 /data/tmp/ 3

( /data/tmp being a local directory on my machine )

This is with the latest pycharm community, just installed this morning.

So, the "first" answer is: pycharm works just fine. I would recommend:

  1. make sure that pycharm found your python installation on your machine
  2. create a new project and try fresh

If that still doesn't work; ask for help within the pycharm community forums.

EDIT: actually I just updated my pycharm this morning, I am not sure what exactly I did to install it. But I think, I just started it the first time, and it came back telling my "I found python 2.7 and python 3.5 on your system; should I use them".

What you might want to check: turn to File --- Settings

Click on the section names "Project: yourproject"

and check what "Python" interpreter has to say. On my system, I got two entries in that pulldown menu; one for 2.7; one for 3.5.

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There is a space before your function declaration. Note that Python works on indented tabs/spaces.

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Make sure 'pyth_test' is defined, I wrote it like this:

def pyth_test (x1, x2):
    print (x1 + x2)

then hit enter and write:

 pyth_test(1, 2) 

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