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How would i get my cursor to change to this loading icon when a function is called and how would i change it back to a normal cursor in javascript/jquery

In your jQuery use:

$("body").css("cursor", "progress");

and then back to normal again

$("body").css("cursor", "default");

Changing cursor to waiting in javascript/jquery, Try: Updated to work with jQuery 1.8 + $(document).ajaxStart(function() { $( document.body).css({'cursor' : 'wait'}); }).ajaxStop(function()  Home » Jquery » Changing cursor to waiting in javascript/jquery. Changing cursor to waiting in javascript/jquery . Posted by: admin November 17, 2017 Leave a comment.

A colleague suggested an approach that I find preferable to the chosen solution here. First, in CSS, add this rule:

body.waiting * {
    cursor: progress;

Then, to turn on the progress cursor, say:


and to turn off the progress cursor, say:


The advantage of this approach is that when you turn off the progress cursor, whatever other cursors may have been defined in your CSS will be restored. If the CSS rule is not powerful enough in precedence to overrule other CSS rules, you can add an id to the body and to the rule, or use !important.

How to change cursor to wait when using jQuery .load(), Change the cursor: The cursor property sets or returns the type of cursor to display for the mouse pointer. wait, The cursor indicates that the program is busy. In my code I use the jQuery/CSS to set and unset the 'wait' mouse cursor with the following code: function setWaitCursor() { $('body').css('cursor', 'wait'); } function setDefaultCursor() { $('body').css('cursor', ''); } I use this code to change the mouse cursor for a long operation:

Please don't use jQuery for this in 2018! There is no reason to include an entire external library just to perform this one action which can be achieved with one line:

Change cursor to spinner: = 'wait';

Revert cursor to normal: = 'default';

HTML DOM Style cursor Property, cursor = "wait"; but when I'm standing on another element in Page - button / link the error pointer is changing to other pointer. what to do? Thanks.. In my website, I have a few CSS classes that set a fixed type of cursor when you mouse over them. I want to set the cursor to the wait image when I make an AJAX call anywhere on the page and then h

The following is my preferred way, and will change the cursor everytime a page is about to change i.e. beforeunload

$(window).on('beforeunload', function(){
   $('*').css("cursor", "progress");

How to set mouse pointer busy while javascript still runs, Assign one of the cursor properties to to change the cursor. The first example below will change the cursor to an hourglass: Setting the cursor for 'body' will change the cursor for the background of the page but not for controls on it. For example, buttons will still have the regular cursor when hovering over them. The following is what I am using: To set the 'wait' cursor, create a style element and insert in the head:

Using jquery and css :


HTML: <div id="element">Click and wait</div>​

CSS: .wait {cursor:wait}​

Demo here

Change the cursor with Javascript, Hi, I have simple code to display the busy cursor while I am waiting for the ajax call to be finished (callback done) and when the call is finished I. The cursor style is used to specify the mouse cursor to be displayed while pointing on an element. Cursor Value: alias: This property is used to display the cursor’s indication of something is to be created. all-scroll: In this property, the cursor indicates scrolling. auto: This is the default property where the browser sets a cursor.

Wait cursor is not changing until mouse moves, But most of these suggest working with expensive javascript functions to change every nested element's cursor property, and returning them to  if an element (#id1) has a cursor style set it will ignore the one set on body (obviously) some elements have a default cursor style (a) and will not show the wait cursor on hover ; the body element has a certain height depending on the content and if the page is short, the cursor will not show below the footer; The test:

Overload CSS `cursor: wait` page wide with jquery, Hover over the link and the cursor changes from the default black arrow to a hand default. none. context-menu. help. pointer. progress. wait. cell. crosshair. text like hide the cursor ( cursor: none; ), track the mouse position with JavaScript, and 90's emoji cursor · Gooey Cursor · Cairo cursors · jQuery Awesome Cursor   This post shows how to change the cursor on a web page with Javascript by assigning a value to the property. Assign a value to Assign one of the cursor properties to to change the cursor. The first example below will change the cursor to an hourglass:

Changing the Cursor with CSS for Better User Experience (or Fun , Question: How do I change the style of the mouse cursor from JavaScript? default text n-resize nw-resize help vertical-text s-resize se-resize inherit wait  A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.