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I have created the test case in Jmeter

Test Plan 
  - Transaction Controller (Login)
     - Login
     - Home Page
  - Transaction Controller (Payment)
     - Make Payment
     - Search Payment
     - Schedule Payment
  - Transaction Controller (Online Services)
     - Cheque Request
     - Card Replacement
  - Transaction Controller (Add Beneficiary)
      - Add Beneficiary
      - Activate Beneficiary
  - Transaction Controller (Account Services)
       - Mini Statement
       - Balance

................. it goes on

We have tried 3000 users for all the scenarios. But business team has the requirement like all the users don't want to hit all the request as it can not be realistic. They have priority like

Login ~ 50%
Payment ~ 20%
Account Service ~  20%
General Service ~ 2%

Jmeter's default behavior is to run all the request indenpendently and will run all the request for the thread count which is configured.

Is it possible to achieve this?

You may add several Thread Groups with different numbers of users. Such as 50 users for Thread Group with logins 20 users for Thread group with Payments, etc.

Using JMeter's Transaction Controller, JMeter's Transaction Controller – a Logic Controller which generates a “virtual” sample to measure transaction times. That means that each HTTP request is represented by a separate This doesn't reflect real page load time in the report. Hi Dmitri - Request you to provide the following information. Jmeter runs samplers in top-to-bottom order "sequentially"(right?). But a browser sometimes sends multiple request in parallel, so the total time taken for a transaction in browser will be less compared to the time of "Transaction Controller" in aggregate report for the same transaction.

Depending on what you're trying to achieve there are multiple options:

  1. You can use different Thread Groups to represent the different groups of virtual users
  2. You can use Throughput Controller which controls how often its children are executed
  3. You can use Switch Controller to provide flexible critera
  4. You can go for Weighted Switch Controller which combines the power of the Switch Controller with the ease of use of the Throughput Controller. This guy doesn't come with JMeter, you will need to install it using JMeter Plugins Manager

What is JMeter's Transaction Controller?, JMeter's Transaction Controller can be a very handy tool for organizing Request samplers within the Transaction Controller, giving each one a unique In other words, the test generated metrics (avg. response, avg. hits/s, etc.) How to Use the SetUp Thread Group in JMeter When Preparing a Load Test. Interleave Controller: picks up and makes one of user request run in each loop of the thread. Runtime Controller: controls how long its children are allowed to run. For example, if you specified Runtime Controller 10 seconds, JMeter will run your test for 10 seconds. Transaction Controller: measures the overall time taken to finish a test execution

You can use Throughput Controller . Convert Transaction Controller to Throughput Controller in " Percent executions " mode. Set Throughput in Throughput controller according to your need , Like : Login - 50 , Payment -20 etc

Transaction controller in jmeter, How to Generate Jmeter Report Dashboard. Apache JMeter is an open source performance tool which is helpful in testing load test for� Transaction Controller is one of the logic controllers of apache jmeter which is useful to measure over all time taken to perform complete transaction of any software web application's load testing scenario. Example : Total time taken to place online order on any eCommerce software web application.

Controllers in JMeter: Loop, Simple, Transaction, Module, Random, JMeter gives us a feature to do that. Controllers in JMeter: Loop, Simple, Transaction, Module, Random Other Important Controllers:. Transaction Controller in Jmeter Transaction Controller has two check boxes,those are 1.Generate Parent Samples 2.Include duration of timer and pre-post processors in generated sample - It is the time which includes all processing samples within the Transaction controller , not just the HTTP samples. Generate Parent Samples

Throughput Controller in JMeter, There are many types of logic controllers for different purpose. build your JMeter test plan to distribute the specific load for each business critical test scenarios. Note: Please make sure that checkbox “Run Thread Groups� For Example, Thread Group loop count is set to “2”, Loop Controller loop count is set to “2”, and “3” requests are present under Loop Controller node, then JMeter will send a total of “30” Http Requests to the web server under test.

How to use Apache JMeter "Transaction Controller", share use of "Transaction Controller" in java jmeter testing. If you performed load testing using jmeter then you knows that jmeter is recording all sub requests� Created sample software load test of apache jmeter using loop controller as bellow. If you don't know how to create test plan in jmeter then you have to read my post about apache jmeter sample test plan recording steps. Set Number of Threads (users) = 1 and Loop Count = 1 in thread group property.