How to make these two "col" stack in a different order on mobile? Bootstrap 4

I have these col-md-8 and col-md-4 they are correctly displayed on desktop, but on mobile they stack in the wrong order. How do I attach bootstrap classes in order to make them stack the other way.

<footer class="container-fluid footerInfo">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-md-8 f1">
            <h6>Advocacy Inc.</h6>
            <div class="contactWidget1">
                <p><a href="tel:1(505) 266-3166">t. +1(505)266-3166</a></p>
                <p><a href="tel:1(505)254-2559">f. +1(505)254-2559</a></p><br><br>
                <p><a href=""><i class="mailIcon fa fa-envelope-o"></i></a></p>

            <div class="contactWidget2">
                <p>6301 Fourth NW Suite 3<br>Albuquerque NM 87107</p>
                <p><a href="">View on a map.</a></p><br>
                <p class="executive">Executive Director: Gini Silva</p>
            <ul class="f3">
                <img  class="logo2" src="<?php echo get_bloginfo('template_url') ?>/assets/wlogo.png">
                <li><p>&copy;-Advocacy Inc. 2018</p></li>
        <div class="col-md-4 headerAfil">
            <div class="footerAfil">
                <h6>We are proudly supported by:</h6>
                    <li><a href="#">New Mexico Courts.</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">State Bar of New Mexico.</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">United Way of Central New Mexico.</a></li>
            <div class="footerAfil2">
                <a href=""><img src="<?php echo get_bloginfo('template_url') ?>/assets/associations/ccv.png"></a>
            <ul class="f2">
                <li><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></li>
                <li><i class="fa fa-linkedin"></i></li>
                <li><i class="fa fa-twitter"></i></li>
                <li><i class="fa fa-folder-o"></i></li>
                <li><i class="fa fa-map-pin"></i></li>
                <li><i class="fa fa-phone"></i></li>

The bootstrap documentation explains all of this. I'm not sure if you are using Bootstrap 3 or 4 though.

Bootstrap 3 Docs:

Bootstrap 4 Docs:

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Add order-1 to the classes based on the order you want to show up. Lower = first.

<div class="col-md-8 f1 order-1"> // First
<div class="col-md-4 f1 order-2"> // Last

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You could add classes to specify the order on desktop and mobile <div class="col-md-8 f1 order-2 order-md-1"> and <div class="col-md-4 headerAfil order-1 order-md-2">.

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  • this does not work, I need it to be on mobile, thanks for the guidance.