Unable to create ionic 3 project instead of 4

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I tied to create an ionic project v3 using the following command

ionic start myApp tabs

but the final result was an ionic v4 project.

How can I force ionic to crate a v3 project instead of v4 ?

You need to uninstall ionic globlally first:

npm uninstall ionic -g

then install a ionic 3 version you like so:

npm install ionic@3.20.0 -g

Now run

ionic info

you should see the ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.20.0

Now you can install an ionic 3 app using the command you tried.

How to create a project in Ionic v4 - ionic-v3, When I create a new project with New cli installed by doing ionic start newproj blank I was able to get it working and now the project compiles. the first step toward migrating your Ionic 3 application to Ionic 4 (with Angular). Unable to create Ionic 4 Project with Inic CLI 4 triage #4460 opened Jun 4, 2020 by New Ionic 5 project is using Angular 8 instead of Angular 9 triage

For reference, you can do this without downgrading your Ionic CLI. Notice that --type=ionic-angular is the Ionic 4 CLI way of saying "Ionic 3". Here's a reference to that: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-cli/issues/3862

If you run ionic start --list it will show the available templates and project types. For project type, angular would be Ionic 4, ionic-angular would be Ionic 3, and ionic1 is actually well named :-)

name     | project type  | description
blank    | angular       | A blank starter project
sidemenu | angular       | A starting project with a side menu with navigation in the content area
tabs     | angular       | A starting project with a simple tabbed interface
tabs     | ionic-angular | A starting project with a simple tabbed interface
blank    | ionic-angular | A blank starter project
sidemenu | ionic-angular | A starting project with a side menu with navigation in the content area
super    | ionic-angular | A starting project complete with pre-built pages, providers and best practices for Ionic development.
tutorial | ionic-angular | A tutorial based project that goes along with the Ionic documentation
aws      | ionic-angular | AWS Mobile Hub Starter
tabs     | ionic1        | A starting project for Ionic using a simple tabbed interface
blank    | ionic1        | A blank starter project for Ionic
sidemenu | ionic1        | A starting project for Ionic using a side menu with navigation in the content area
maps     | ionic1        | An Ionic starter project using Google Maps and a side menu

Also note that you will not start out with cordova assets (e.g. config.xml). Adding a platform for the first time will pull that stuff in though.

ionic start, The second argument is the template from which to generate your app. You can list all For example, you can start an Ionic 3 project with --type=ionic-angular . Unable to create ionic 3 project instead of 4. Ask Question Asked 9 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed 3k times 0. I tied to create an ionic project v3 using the

You can use the below command to create a Ionic 3 Project when you have Ionic 4 installed

ionic start ProjectName blank --type=ionic-angular

Unable to create new Ionic app with @ionic/cli · Issue #4434 · ionic , I've been wanting to create a new ionic app for a while and decided to create a to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. [24m\ cli\node_modules\ [4m@ionic [24m\cli-framework\utils\node.js:3:20) a fix to the @ionic/utils-fs library instead of the downstream packages? To create an archive choose a Generic iOS Device, or your device if it’s connected to your Mac (you can’t create an archive if simulator is selected), from the Scheme toolbar menu in the project editor, as shown on the image below: Next, select Product -> Archive, and the Archive organizer appears and displays the new archive.

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How to Create Ionic v3 App in Latest CLI v4.9.0 for Ionic v4, For older projects which needs some changes can't migrate quickly to a new So here is the method to install or create Ionic version 3 project using the to add @4 after Ionic native plugin instead of full older version like Now Stencil is a tool Why this is important is the fact that the Ionic team decided to build the entire core of Ionic with Stencil, and have the output as Stencil Web components. This meant that the new Ionic components could be used in any Web environment, just like a regular Web component.

Ionic 5, In this tutorial we'll see how to quickly create and build our first Ionic 5 project or app. A MAC system with Xcode if you plan to build for iOS . setup ,you should be able to enter to your project directory and serve you app . In this project-based course, Sani Yusuf walks through the ins and outs of the 4.0 framework. He shows how you can create a single code base that effectively works across iOS, Android, and Windows. First, Sani provides an overview of Ionic and introduces key features in the latest version of the mobile SDK.

  • you do not need to uninstall current version of ionic to use ionic 3. Just add --type=ionic-angular