How do I "hide" a UIRefreshControl?

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Occasionally my table view won't be connected to a service to refresh, and in that case, I don't want the UIRefreshControl to be present.

After I add it in viewDidLoad, I've tried hiding it under certain circumstances with setEnabled: and setHidden: but neither seems to work.

Try setting your table view controller's refreshControl property to nil.

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Try this:

[self.refreshControl removeFromSuperview];
self.refreshControl = nil;

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You have several ways to do this. I think the best way is to do a check in the viewDidLoad method with:

if (condition){
 //attach refreshControl

if this isn't possible the best way is put this code where you want to hide the refresh (I think in viewWillAppear method in if condition)

//End refresh control
[self.refreshControl endRefreshing];
//Remove refresh control to superview
[self.refreshControl removeFromSuperview];

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There’s a very simple solution you can try: [self.refreshControl removeFromSuperview];

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I had bad experience when set tableView.refreshConrol = nil , because when I set it back to old refreshControl, it started animation only in a second, so it looked not good, so when I need to disable refreshControl I use:

tableView.refreshControl?.alpha = 0

when I need it back I use:

tableView.refreshControl?.alpha = 1
// and if I need to show refreshing indicator immediately I write:

P.S. Setting isHidden, isEnabled, isUserInteractionEnabled didn't help

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  • You may find this funny. I tried sub classing both the control and tableview. I intercepted messages looking for something to leverage, no luck. Finally with the tableview I overrode -subviews so as to hide the control, no luck. In the end if all you do is just add the control using addSubview, the tableview holds a strong reference to it. No amount of hiding, fixing frames, would work.
  • If I do a check in viewDidAppear (setting it if there is a service to connect to, setting to nil if there isn't) I get the following warning when I reload the view with the refresh control in it after I remove the service: "Attempting to change the refresh control while it is not idle is strongly discouraged and probably won't work properly." (Though it does visually seem to work.)
  • Ok, I would suggest calling endRefreshing on the refresh control before removing it. You could also try doing this in viewWillAppear instead of viewDidAppear.
  • [self.refreshControl endRefreshing]; still triggers that warning if called before self.refreshControl = nil;.
  • I just tried this out and self.refreshControl = nil; works perfectly for me as long as outside the UIControlEventValueChanged fired method and endRefreshing method has been called. My only suggestion would would be to insert logging the start/end of your refresh call and nil assignment call to make sure the assignment isn't happening while a refresh event is occurring.
  • This was my first attempt as well; came to SO to look for answers as first calling endRefreshing before setting the control to nil still gives me the warning (and yes, I've logged the calls and made sure endRefreshing is called before setting the control to nil). Any other ideas? -- EDIT: As an added measure; I also added a dispatch_after after endRefreshing so the control will be set to nil after 10 seconds. Sadly I still get the warning. -- YET ANOTHER EDIT: In the dispatch_after logged control's isRefreshing which returned NO, but still received the message
  • this is good: //End refresh control [self.refreshControl endRefreshing];
  • in case ReachableViaWiFi you'll be added with n = myView.subviews.count of refreshControls, think its not desired behavior
  • it doesn't prevent the control from triggering the refresh