MIXED_ES Too many es are not es

I sending emails using PHPMailer and SpamAssassin is tagging it * 3.3 MIXED_ES Too many es are not es What does it mean? What is "es"? How to fix?

Spamassassin errors are often unhelpful! The source for that rule suggests it's to do with too many letter 'E's that are not "regular" letter Es, for example any of éèëêēĕėëẻěȅȇẹȩęḙḛềếễểḕḗệḝɇǝⱸ. It's to do with your content, not PHPmailer.

So long, ES. So long. ES belongs to the latter category. Over the last couple of months, ES has been changing steadily. It started with a half-assed, not really sensible Material Design coat of paint.

To disable the duplicate messages ( disable the test), you can add, somewhere at the top, in


meta __E_LIKE_LETTER  (0)
meta __LOWER_E  (0)

This NDR is generated by your mail server (SMTP server or EOP) when it is not able to deliver your message to the recipient's mail server. The message is rejected by the recipient server because it contains too many attachments or images. This issue is related to the security or policy settings on the recipient's email server. To solve it, try

It's an error in Spam assassins rules as @Synchro says. We can't do anything with that until they remove that crapy code. I try to contact authors.

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Is your plaintext version of the email in a different language than your HTML content?

Like Synchro said, it is caused by different kind of E's using diacritics. If the mailing is recognized by SpamAssassin as being "English" and the HTML content is actually in another language that makes use a lot of those ES, it can result in this message.

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