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I have to generate a PDF with TCPDF, my information come from my database, so I have to write PHP variables. I know how to do.

But I want to write CSS + xHTML (as an example I have seen of TCPDF site) using :

$html = <<<EOF

  <!-- My CSS -->

  <!-- My xHTML -->


$pdf->writeHTML('$html', '');

I have errors when I try to open the PDF. I have read I must escape the '$' with '\'. After this, I have no error, but the content of my variables doesn't appear in my PDF.


@Sarfraz: I don't see how can I do this if I do this, it doesn't work ?

$html = <<<EOF

      <!-- My CSS -->

      <!-- My xHTML -->
      <span><?php echo $myVar; ?></span>


    $pdf->writeHTML('$html', '');

Make sure that there is no space and indentation before EOF; otherwise you will get error.

Also if you have any variables in heredoc syntax escape put them in {} like {$somevar}

symfony1 - Write variable PHP with TCPDF, Make sure that there is no space and indentation before EOF; otherwise you will get error. Also if you have any variables in heredoc syntax escape put them in  PHP TCPDF::writeHTML - 30 examples found. These are the top rated real world PHP examples of TCPDF::writeHTML extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples.

For more refined results:

Outputting the final PDF: When you’ve finished creating all required cells, images, links, text etc. you have to call the Output() method to actually get your hands on your dynamically created PDF. This can take no parameters in which case the PDF is sent to the browser, more commonly though, developers specify the filename and the destination of the generated PDF. The destination can be one of four values, these are:

I: send the file inline to the browser.  
D: send to the browser and force a file download with the name given by name.  
F: save to a local file with the name given by name.  
S: return the document as a string.

You can see my code sets the destination value as F:

$pdf->Output("./pdfs/example.pdf", "F");

referenced from: http://www.akamarketing.com/blog/109-php-to-pdf-conversion-with-tcpdf.html

TCPDF, If you try to generate PDF, and I, for example, an 'echo ()' returns me the data well​. I hit the sample code to see where I can be wrong. <?php  here im passing php variable instead of pdf file path as said in URL Using a pdf from a php variable htdocs\VB\TCPDF\tcpdf.php(3537): PDF->Header() #5 C:\xampp

I had same problem. I got solution by experimenting things myself mentioned as follows:

Please use concatenation to break $html string into parts. This will solve the problem surely. e.g. I used like this:


Normally, most developers will use PHP variable within $html value,

$html = 'HTML CONTENT echo php variable HTML CONTENT';

How can we pass table to an html variable in php code? Magento2 , I am using TCPDF Library to get PDF Downloadable. I have to pass retrieved data through loops to single vaiable as: $tcpdf->writeHTML(  During my use of the excellent tcpdf library for creating pdf documents with php, I came across an interesting problem when creating a pdf featuring a grid of data. Although I could have use an html grid to present the data, I was trying to avoid the use of html and keep to the Cell(), MultiCell(), Text() etc. methods to render the document.

Instead of EOF tags , make use of single(') or double quote(") that will also help.

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class-TCPDF · TCPDF, TCPDF PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. Text or image links are generally put via Cell(), Write() or Image(), but Unset all class variables except the following critical variables. TCPDF is a popular open source PHP library that lets you create PDF documents. Its flexibility and versatility lets you create even complex color documents featuring whatever fonts and graphics you need. TCPDF is written entirely in PHP and does all of this PDF magic without requiring any external libraries. This article introduces you to TCPDF, then walks you through reproducing a simple HTML

[Solved] Fetal error while passing PHP variable to tcpdf in PHP , stream_wrapper_register('VarStream', 'VarStream') or die('Failed to register protocol VarStream://'); this should be placed before class PDF  The constructor in the example uses the constant PDF_UNIT, as defined in the original tcpdf_config.php file, as ‘mm’. However, I had revised the tcpdf_config.php file, setting PDF_UNIT = ‘in’. As a result, the server stalled on trying to scale my Image in the MYPDF::Header() method to 30 inches wide instead of 30 mm wide.

  • I generate PDF without errors, but the variables aren't displayed.
  • @Corum: You can't interprest php variables in pdf. You need to echo variables before sending them to php library