Is 'exit' a universally supported way of stopping execution in JavaScript?

I'm new to JavaScript, and found by accident that the following code works as I want:

alert("This shows");
alert("This doesn't show");

I want to early terminate all subsequent JavaScript on the current page. This works in the browsers I've tested it in. But I can't find any documentation that this is a legitimate keyword in JavaScript, and as such I'm worried that some browsers might not support it. All other suggestions mention 'return', but I'm not returning from a function, simply stopping the proceeding sequential JavaScript execution.

Is there any specific documentation for exit;?

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I'd stay far away from that, your local testing in the browser notwithstanding. (You may be conceptually borrowing from NodeJS's process.exit()...)

Generally speaking use a Google search like this "mdn js exit" to get to the heart of the matter. MDN is the Mozilla Developer Network, a credible source for all things web, especially syntax. I add "js" as a hint to Google that I'm looking for JavaScript information and then of course the term you are actually interested in.

I find no info on the use of 'exit'.

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JavaScript has only a break keyword. There is no exit keyword defined in ECMAScript documentation.

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I think you can use return statement for that situation, also return can also fetch some value.

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