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Is there some mechanism by which I can be notified (in C#) when a file is modified on the disc?

That would be System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.

[SOLVED] File Change Notification, We know from testing, there is a limit of three profiles while email notifications, database logging, and custom actions are disabled. However, file type monitoring,  When something changes within the directory being watched, the read operation is completed. For example, an application can use these functions to update a directory listing whenever a file name within the monitored directory changes. An application can specify a set of conditions that trigger a change notification by using the FindFirstChangeNotification function. The conditions include changes to file names, directory names, attributes, file size, time of last write, and security.

You can use the FileSystemWatcher class.

public void CreateFileWatcher(string path)
    // Create a new FileSystemWatcher and set its properties.
    FileSystemWatcher watcher = new FileSystemWatcher();
    watcher.Path = path;
    /* Watch for changes in LastAccess and LastWrite times, and 
       the renaming of files or directories. */
    watcher.NotifyFilter = NotifyFilters.LastAccess | NotifyFilters.LastWrite 
       | NotifyFilters.FileName | NotifyFilters.DirectoryName;
    // Only watch text files.
    watcher.Filter = "*.txt";

    // Add event handlers.
    watcher.Changed += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);
    watcher.Created += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);
    watcher.Deleted += new FileSystemEventHandler(OnChanged);
    watcher.Renamed += new RenamedEventHandler(OnRenamed);

    // Begin watching.
    watcher.EnableRaisingEvents = true;

// Define the event handlers.
private static void OnChanged(object source, FileSystemEventArgs e)
    // Specify what is done when a file is changed, created, or deleted.
   Console.WriteLine("File: " +  e.FullPath + " " + e.ChangeType);

private static void OnRenamed(object source, RenamedEventArgs e)
    // Specify what is done when a file is renamed.
    Console.WriteLine("File: {0} renamed to {1}", e.OldFullPath, e.FullPath);

10 Free Tools to Monitor Files and Folders for Changes in Real Time , This is an interesting feature that isn't available right now to have email notifications set for any change to a file. If users comment on your file or  FileSystemWatcher listens to the file system change notifications and raises events when a directory, or file in a directory, changes. The component can watch files on a local computer, a network drive, or a remote computer. The FileSystemWatcher provides us with the event handlers to capture events like renamed, deleted, created and changed.

Use the FileSystemWatcher. You can filter for modification events only.

Notification when a file changes?, Real-time file server change reporter and alerting tool that notifies administrators to unauthorized or unintended file changes. Re: Teams Notification of Document Changes. In files tab do open in Sharepoint on the tool bar. Then you can select the file in Sharepoint and choose alert me. I would suggest using daily alert otherwise if it’s an active file you will get an email every time an auto save happens which can be annoying. Best Response confirmed by Chris Yancy (Established Member)

Solved: Email alerts for changes to a FILE, An alternative is to use RSS feeds to facilitate notifications. Alerts can be You can setup alerts when a file/link or folder has got changes in a document library. It helps to track every critical changes/access made on file server and alerts instantly by sending customized email notification with granular reporting. Here's how Lepide file access auditing tool works -

File Change Notification Software, Hello guys,. Just an update, re: the question "Is there a setting to automatically notify me whenever a new file has been added to the folder?",. In Windows 10, action center is where to find your app notifications, as well as quick actions, which give you quick access to commonly used settings and apps. Change your action center settings at any time from the Settings app.

How to setup an alert when a file gets added/modified in a , Get notified whenever your collaborators make changes to a shared document in OneDrive. If you are collaborating with others on a shared file in your OneDrive  jEdit Dialog Box Showing That a Modified File Is Detected To implement this functionality, called file change notification, a program must be able to detect what is happening to the relevant directory on the file system. One way to do so is to poll the file system looking for changes, but this approach is inefficient.