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Is there any approaches to auto-generate OpenAPI/Swagger metadata for WebApi methods or maybe even to generate client typescript models?

I found Swashbuckle and Swagger to JS & Typescript Codegen to be nice but I wonder to find out any other libs.

It would be perfect if you can give pros and cons of each approach.

You can also check out NSwag, a Swagger toolchain for .NET and TypeScript.

The tool generates Swagger specs from existing Web API controllers and client code based on these Swagger specs. You can generate TypeScript client code for JQuery with Callbacks or Promises, AngularJS or Angular2. The generated DTOs (request/response types) can either be interfaces or classes (with date conversion, lower camel casing, etc..)

The project can be used with a simple to use desktop GUI, build scripts or a command line tool.

Disclaimer: I'm one of the contributors of NSwag.

Generate TypeScript Client API for ASP.NET Web API, Generate strongly typed client API in TypeScript for ASP. NET Core Web API, Strongly Typed Client API Generators generate strongly typed client API in C# codes [Full code examples for data models and ApiController]. On the way to full typing with TypeScript, Swashbuckle, and AutoRest Introduction. The article is devoted to the question of implementing exchange of typed messages between Back-End based on ASP.NET Web API and Front-End created with the use of TypeScript. It is important for the teams working on big projects, especially for the distributed ones.

Please try Swagger-Codegen, which is a free and open-source code generator to generate REST API clients (e.g. C#, TypeScript, Javascript and more) or server stubs (ASP.NET5) given an OpenAPI/Swagger spec.

Here is a good starting point: https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-codegen#getting-started

For typescript, Swagger Codegen supports different libraries: typescript-node, typescript-angular, typescript-angular2 and typescript-fetch

ASP.NET Web API, Angular2, TypeScript and WebApiClientGen , ASP.NET Web API, Angular2, TypeScript and WebApiClientGen typed data and functions in both the server side and the client sides. TypeScriptNG2Folder " is an absolute path or relative path to the Angular2 project. Use ASP.NET Core SignalR with TypeScript and Webpack. 02/10/2020; 21 minutes to read +11; In this article. By Sébastien Sougnez and Scott Addie. Webpack enables developers to bundle and build the client-side resources of a web app. This tutorial demonstrates using Webpack in an ASP.NET Core SignalR web app whose client is written in TypeScript.

Ultimately you want TypeScript models, not Swagger meta data. ASP.NET Web API Client Generators may be more handy, less overhead than swagger toolchain during SDLC.

While programmers generally use WebApiClientGen to generate client API codes, this project also provides POCO2TS.exe, a command line program that generates TypsScript interfaces from POCO classes. You may use either Poco2ts.exe or the poco2ts component to integrate the code generation with your build pipeline.

ASP.NET Core · TypeScript, ASP.NET Core + TypeScript #. Setup #. Install ASP.NET Core and TypeScript # Raise error on expressions and declarations with an implied any type. TypeScript is a programming language for large web applications. It adds new static typing features to JavaScript, as well as implementing upcoming features of the JavaScript language to enable developers to use them today. Browsers are not familiar with TypeScript, so you must compile TypeScript files into JavaScript before deploying them.


openapi client generator for typescript

npm install @cblx.br/openapi-typescript --save-dev

create an openapi-typescript.config.js

var config = {
    url: "<url>/swagger.json",
    outputDir: "./src/client",

module.exports = config;

execute it:

npx openapi-typescript

Angular example:

create an app-connector.ts

import { Injectable, Inject } from '@angular/core';
import { HttpClient } from '@angular/common/http';
import { OpenApiConnector } from '@cblx.br/openapi-typescript';

    providedIn: 'root'
export class AppConnector implements OpenApiConnector {

    constructor(@Inject('BASE_URL') private baseUrl: string, private http: HttpClient) {}

    async request(method: string, path: string, parameters: any, body: any) {
        return await this.http.request(method, this.baseUrl + path, {
            body: body,
            params: parameters


var config = {
    url: "<url>/swagger.json",
    outputDir: "./src/client",
     events: {
        beforeWriteServiceClass: () => {
            var content = '';
            content += `import { Inject, Injectable } from '@angular/core';\n`;
            content += `import { AppConnector } from 'app/app-connector';\n`;
            content += `@Injectable({ providedIn: 'root' })\n`;
            return content;
        createConnectorDecorator: () => {
            return `@Inject(AppConnector) `;

module.exports = config;

Build a CRUD App with ASP.NET Core and TypeScript, NET Core app with client-side scripting done in TypeScript. template, you'll see something a bit different, but you should be able to complete most of this tutorial regardless. Accept the default type ( AspNetCoreTypeScript. Code examples at GitHub; Introduction. For developing client programs of ASP.NET Web API or ASP. NET Core Web API, Strongly Typed Client API Generators generate strongly typed client API in C# codes and TypeScript codes for minimizing repetitive tasks and improving the productivity of application developers and the quality of the products.

Invoke ASP.NET Web API using TypeScript and XMLHttpRequest , Invoking Web API is a quite common task in modern ASP. In this article we are going to use TypeScript and XMLHttpRequest to invoke the Web API. CompanyName, ContactName and Country properties of type string. TypeScript is an interesting push toward improving on JavaScript’s shortcomings by introducing a static typing system, complete with interfaces and type unions. This helps us write safer, more

Tutorial: Call an ASP.NET Core web API with JavaScript, Prerequisites. Complete Tutorial: Create a web API; Familiarity with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Call the web API with  TypeScript 4.0 brings two fundamental changes, along with inference improvements, to make typing these possible. The first change is that spreads in tuple type syntax can now be generic. This means that we can represent higher-order operations on tuples and arrays even when we don’t know the actual types we’re operating over.

Using TypeScript with ASP.NET MVC 5 instead of JavaScript , Lookout user is string type now, which is passed to the Welcome method. Try to change from string to number, it will show red underline saying  The type system of TypeScript is relatively rich and includes: interfaces, enums, hybrid types, generics, union and intersection types, access modifiers and much more. TypeScript makes typing a bit easier and a lot less explicit by the usage of type inference. The development experience with TypeScript is a great improvement over JavaScript.