How to get list of all countries and the encryption standard which is not allowed for that country

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I want to know the list of all countries and the encryption standard not allowed for that country.

Example: For some country encryption is not allowed. and for some country encryption level should not be grater than 64 bit.

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The resource you are looking for is the Crypto Law Survey.

World map of encryption laws and policies, Some countries guarantee a general right to encryption; in others, it is detail on what each filter means); Want details on the situation in a specific country? While we seek to make this map accurate and up to date, if you spot any List of Countries In relation to encryption, a request or notice must not have the effect of  Search for Online Encryption. Browse & Discover Useful Results!

I do not believe such a list exists. You need to research for each country and build such a list on your own. The best way is of course let a lawyer investigate that for you.

Anyway, what do you need it for? If it's a web application that resides on servers in a country X you only need to comply with that country requirements. The fact that people can access your application from anywhere in the world will not be your concern.

Legal Restrictions on Cryptography, Today the public key patents have all expired. That is, keeping an encryption algorithm secret does not significantly improve the security that the after a technical review to any country that was not specifically listed as a “terrorist country. Export of 128-bit symmetric mass-market software allowed to a list of 61 countries. Check with a lawyer (as this data would come from the laws of that specific country, which tend to change); then make a list, e.g. <country id="US"> <bannedcipher type="rot13" /> </country> and keep it up to date (that's the hard part).

the ones I know of Russia Ukraine Crimea Egypt Kazakhstan Israel Turkey China Pakistan

Restrictions on the import of cryptography, A number of countries have attempted to restrict the import of cryptography tools. Contents. 1 Rationale; 2 Status by country; 3 See also; 4 External links Citizens can anonymously communicate with each other, preventing any external party use a color code to indicate the level of restriction, with the following meanings:. By clicking the filters at the top of the map, you can see at a glance all the countries which have, for example, a general right to encryption guaranteed in law; or find out which countries place controls on the import and export of encryption technologies. (tip: hovering over the information symbol will give you more detail on what each filter means)

Check with a lawyer (as this data would come from the laws of that specific country, which tend to change); then make a list, e.g.

 <country id="US">
      <bannedcipher type="rot13" />

and keep it up to date (that's the hard part). AFAIK, there's no reliable way to get this list programatically; also, the encryption allowed may vary according to the use (e.g. "In Elbonia, everybody except the military is hereby banned from using XOR").

Export of cryptography from the United States, Export of cryptographic technology and devices from the United States was severely restricted The First Amendment made controlling all use of cryptography inside the U.S. illegal, but The development and public release of Data Encryption Standard (DES) and asymmetric No one in law enforcement disputes that. One of its provisions allows a traveler to freely enter a participating country with an encrypted device under a "personal use exemption" as long as the traveler does not create, enhance, share, sell or otherwise distribute the encryption technology while visiting. Click here to view the countries that support the personal use exemption.

Encryption & International Travel, So, taking your laptop with encryption software to certain countries. violate U.S. export law or the import regulations of the country to which you are traveling, Since laws can change at any time, please check with the US Department of that is preloaded with standard University software, but does not contain data that   "Every country has its own rules," says David Addis, attorney with law firm Covington & Burling in Washington, D.C. "China has restrictions on the import and use of encryption, and so do Russia

To which countries does the US restrict export of encryption , Export destinations are classified by the EAR Supplement No. 1 to Part 740 into four country groups (A, B, D, E). For the export of encryption, groups B, D:1, and E :1 are important: B is a large list of countries that are subject to relaxed encryption All countries on list are NS1, and require a license unless an  Some sovereign states refuse entry to all citizens of certain states. These restrictions differ from travel visa requirements, which require travelers to obtain permission to enter a country in advance of their travel. With few exceptions, citizens of the states in this list are prohibited from entering the corresponding listed states.

Page 2, Overview per country See the Wassenaar List (crypto is in category 5 part 2). As soon as 5 countries have ratified the convention, it will enter into force. ( CGEA) can be applied for, which is valid for export from all EU countries. Cryptography is not allowed in telecommunications networks using the radio frequency  encryption enabled on your device please be sure to ask specifically about the regulations for encryption. The following nations restrict the import of encrypted devices and do not recognize a "personal use exemption". Before traveling to these countries with an encrypted device, you will need to apply to their specified

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