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I want to remove the "" around a String.

e.g. if the String is: "I am here" then I want to output only I am here.

Remove double quotes froma string, I just need to get /FileURL as a result, means I need to remove quotation marks (double quotes) from returned JSON string using jQuery or  String stringName= OurString.replace("CharacterWeWantToReplace","CharacterWeWantToReplaceWith"); Here, stringName: This is the string in which we want to store our new string without quotes. OurString: This is the string in which we have the sentence containing double quotes. CharacterWeWantToReplace: This is the character we want to replace.

str = str.replace(/^"(.*)"$/, '$1');

This regexp will only remove the quotes if they are the first and last characters of the string. F.ex:

"I am here"  => I am here (replaced)
I "am" here  => I "am" here (untouched)
I am here"   => I am here" (untouched)

How to remove quotation marks (double quotes) from string using , I am aware of the String Manipulator node and the function replace but the syntax requires to enclose in double quotes the string that you want to  Take a string containing double quotes as an input. Now apply the erase function.Now if you see, I have used remove () function inside erase () function. This function also removes an element from the vector or a specified range. Now simply print the string to see the output.

If the string is guaranteed to have one quote (or any other single character) at beginning and end which you'd like to remove:

str = str.slice(1, -1);

slice has much less overhead than a regular expression.

Remove double quotes beginning and ending of a string, When i use range selector, i still get a string, i just want to remove the quotes and want the output to be abcdef (no quotes ). Thanks,. Mahathi. Expand Post. Upvote​  Hello I am trying to solve this problem about double quotes. I used strtok() to remove the double quotes but it only removes the second ". So the output becomes a = "b but the output I want is a = b.

If you have control over your data and you know your double quotes surround the string (so do not appear inside string) and the string is an integer ... say with :


or similar this nicely removes the surrounding quotes


Not a universal answer however slick for niche needs

To remove double quotes in string, It might have an escape syntax for the " and other characters it has special behaviours for. Removing double quotes from around a Perl string is pretty easy:. I need to be able to remove the beginning double quote, which always starts in the same position (column # 6), and the ending double quote, which will be in a different position, depending on the length of the string. Also within the string (inside the outer double quotes) I may have other double quotes that need to be preserved and not modified.

If you only want to remove the boundary quotes:

function stripquotes(a) {
    if (a.charAt(0) === '"' && a.charAt(a.length-1) === '"') {
        return a.substr(1, a.length-2);
    return a;

This approach won't touch the string if it doesn't look like "text in quotes".

How to remove double quotes?, Closed 3 years ago. I have a CSV file like a.csv "1,2,3,  I want to remove single and double quotes from a string. I have written following lines of code but not working for removing single quote. private string ReplaceQuotes( string sentence) { Regex re

how to remove the double quotes in a csv, Remove Double Quotes (convert A String Into A VC Command)? Regex - . Dec 26, 2017 · A string as a sequence of characters not intended to have numeric  You can use the string function .join () and a generator expression to remove all quotes from a given string: >>> s = '"abcd" efgh' >>> ''.join(c for c in s if c not in '"') 'abcd efgh' >>>. You can use a regular expression to remove all quotes from given string.

Regex get string between double quotes, What is the easy way to remove the double quotes in the file in the following I want to remove the comma which is present within the double quoted string. I have variable like: string title = string.empty; My need is that whatever string is passed to it I have to display the content inside a div with in a double quotes. So I have written something

Remove double quotes - UNIX and Linux Forums, I have to pass it as array and thats creating a problem. I need to remove double quotes ( " ) from starting and ending position of the string to  Other than that, REPLACE is a way to remove ALL double-quote characters from your strings (either in SELECT or in UPDATE). Is that what you want, or do you only want to remove one double-quote character from the beginning of the string and one double-quote at the end? Extreme case: if the correct, desired string was    "Aha!"

  • Why don't you simply use string.replace('"','')
  • str = str.replace(/"/g,"");
  • Do you want to remove ALL the quotes or the boundary quotes?
  • stackoverflow.com/q/19155566/989121. Are you going to ask 255 questions, once for each ASCII character?
  • str = str.replace(/^"|"$/g, ''); replaces boundary quotes. Mr_Green's answer will globally replace ALL " which is no good
  • @rid: I edited, expainding a bit on what the expression does, and how to customize it
  • Why the downvotes? '"I am here"'.slice(1, -1) -> 'I am here'!
  • Surprised this has been downvoted since it's exactly the kind of 'quick' operation you need if you're dealing with RDF literals (in N3, for example, URIs are usually denoted like <uri> and literals like "literal"). So here's an upvote. ;)
  • (Particularly because the original question says they want to remove the quotes around a string.)
  • This should be the accepted answer as it does exactly what has been asked, and it does it efficiently.
  • This will error on FireFox with: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
  • no ... works just fine on current fresh release of FireFox
  • JSON.parse("{123123}"); this will blow off your answer