Anaconda Python causing slow terminal startup/prompt

Anaconda Python causing slow terminal startup/prompt

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I recently installed Anconda Python on my Linux Mint 19.0 desktop. Actually, I had it installed before and everything worked great, same as with my Mint 19.0 laptop. However, I recently had to wipe my desktop and reinstall everything. Now, whenever I open the Terminal program, the prompt takes several seconds to appear. I've added set -x, set +x to the beginning and end of my bash profile to diagnose where the slowdown is.

The terminal load hangs on this line:

/home/auerilas/anaconda3/bin/conda shell.bash hook

for a few seconds. It's never done this before and doesn't do it on my other computer. Any thoughts on why this is happening? It's not a deal-breaker, but it is annoying.

I had the same problem and I solved it by recovering my old .bashrc file then I can load the bash configuration file of Anaconda whenever I need it.

To achieve this , follow these steps

  1. Rename your current .bashrc file to something like conda.bashrc by executing these commands in your terminal
cd ~
mv .bashrc conda.bashrc
mv .bashrc-anaconda3.bak .bashrc
  1. Now, you have to define a custom command in your .bashrc file so it can load Anaconda only when you need it, to do so first you need to open your .bahsrc file in a text editor
gedit .bahsrc
  1. Add the following lines to end of your .bashrc so it can load the other conda.bashrc file which contain anaconda package configurations
alias anaconda='source  conda.bashrc'
  1. save .bahsrc with the above mentioned edits and type in your terminal window
source .bashrc
  1. now you can load anaconda by simply typing anaconda in your terminal window

very slow runtimes of terminal caused by Anaconda3 installer � Issue , I downloaded and installed a new copy of Anaconda for python 3. Once conda Conda startup script slows down terminal conda/conda#7855. Since I made this post I did check the Anaconda Prompt on windows and it is a bit faster but not by that much. Plus the prompt itself is less than ideal to work with. It's nothing like the linux terminal I'm used to. The 'clear' command doesn't work well and for whatever reason the window is not letting me scroll all the way up.

An alternative approach, which doesn't involve removing Anaconda, is just to update to a more recent version of Anaconda. This can be done from Anaconda Navigator, and bash startup was greatly improved for me.

Troubleshooting — Anaconda documentation, In Anaconda Prompt or the terminal, enter the command conda info . The output will The last command is the key to fixing the issue as it removes the lock file causing the problem. If it's still broken, try running conda search python from the command line. If show_startup = True , you will continue to see the pop up box. Hi guys. I've installed anaconda2-2.4.1 on both my PCs (a desktop and a laptop). The launcher takes 35-40 seconds to load the apps list in my desktop PC. I've not measured the startup time in my

try making default loading of anaconda to False.

conda config --set auto_activate_base false

this loads path for condo only when you run the command conda activate

Why is Anaconda so slow for me? : Python, Plus the prompt itself is less than ideal to work with. It's nothing like the linux terminal I'm used to. The 'clear' command doesn't work well and for whatever reason� The anaconda installer automatically generates and maintains this line. I am having the same problem: unusually long startup times for Terminal caused by this line. – aph Oct 9 '18 at 22:01 1

How to Successfully Install Anaconda on a Mac (and Actually Get it , A quick and painless guide to installing Anaconda correctly and fixing the You' ll get a prompt during installation that asks, “Do you wish the installer to You'll need to know which version of Python you have, so go to your terminal and type “Modifying PATH can cause problems if there are any other� Launching Anaconda Navigator by clicking the executable or typing anaconda-navigator in the Anaconda Prompt should start a responsive Anaconda Navigator window on first launch. Steps to Reproduce. Install from Anaconda3-5.2.0-Windows-x86_64.exe and attempt to launch Anaconda Navigator. Anaconda or Miniconda version:

How do I speed up new Terminal tab loading time?, How can i speed up the terminal startup in Lion? The problem is caused by a ( potentially) expensive ASL system log lookup. To solve the problem, configure Terminal to launch a non-standard shell: OK I have a similar conclusion to Darren, though slightly different profiling mechanism (NB slow login can still occur in� At the Anaconda Prompt (terminal on Linux or macOS), type spyder and press Enter. Spyder should start up just like it did when you launched it from Anaconda Navigator. Spyder should start up just like it did when you launched it from Anaconda Navigator.

Troubleshooting — conda 4.8.3.post59+b7bd3866 documentation, Programs fail due to invoking conda Python instead of system Python. UnsatisfiableSpecifications value of 1 to enable them. For example, in an Anaconda Prompt terminal: This is a broad umbrella of errors with many causes. Here are some we've seen Clear the Set locale environment variables on startup checkbox. Open an Editor, such as Notepad, and type some Python code Typing in the File name, choosing All Filles in the Save as type, choosing a location (in this case is D:\LearnML), and