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I am new to selenium and python, so my overall goal is to extract the revenue value for a company from the website Hoovers.

Current code:

company = 'Trelleborg'
page = '' + company

r = driver.find_element_by_xpath('//td/font[@class="company_sales"]').text

HTML for the Desired Revenue

<td class="company_name">
  <a href="/company-information/cs/company- 
  Trelleborg AB</a>
<td class="company_location">Trelleborg, Skåne, Sweden</td>
<td class="company_sales">$3842.84M</td>

I would like to extract the $3842.84M text into a variable. I have tried many different solutions that I have found online but keep on receiving the NoSuchElementException error message. Any Help would be appreciated!!!

How to extract text from a PDF file?, Extracting Text from PDFs. PyPDF2 does not have a way to extract images, charts​, or other media from PDF documents, but it can extract text and  Python | Extract words from given string We sometimes come through the situations where we require to get all the works present in the string, this can be a tedious task done using naive method. Hence having shorthands to perform this task is always useful.

In this case You can find element by class name or CSS Sector or XPath.

If you want to use XPath:


OR if you want to use CSS Sector:




OR if you want use class name:


Good Luck!

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Python, some python file import textract text = textract.process("path/to/file.extension") textract supports a growing list of file types for text extraction. If you don't see  Python 3.8.3, PyPDF2 (pip install PyPDF2) Extract Text from PDF. First we import the required library PyPDF2, then we open and read the PDF file. We count the number of pages in the PDF file. Then we iterate each page for the total number of pages and extract the text and append into a list variable.

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