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I have a server that I'm taking down. The only thing I have left to migrate is my repository. This server is listed as the origin (master) for one of my projects. What is the proper way to move the repository to keep the history.

To add the new repo location,

git remote add new_repo_name new_repo_url

Then push the content to the new location

git push new_repo_name master

Finally remove the old one

git remote rm origin

After that you can do what bdonlan said and edit the.git/config file to change the new_repo_name to origin. If you don't remove the origin (original remote repository), you can simply just push changes to the new repo with

git push new_repo_name master

How to move a git repository with history, Now the issue you would be facing is: how to migrate somewhere else? purpose of migration, you really want everything, including all the other refs that are not branches: Step 2 – Create empty repo on the new Git Server. This tutorial will show you how you can move a full Git repository from one remote server to another. The steps below even allow you to choose which branches and tags to include. Let’s call the original repository ORI and the new one NEW, here are the steps required to copy everything from ORI to NEW: 1.

If you want to migrate all branches and tags you should use the following commands:

git clone --mirror [oldUrl]

to clone the old repo with all branches

cd the_repo
git remote add remoteName newRepoUrl

to setup a new remote

git push -f --tags remoteName refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*

to push all refs under refs/heads (which is probably what you want)

How to Migrate a Git Repository, Recently, I had to migrate one of the git repository from our local git server to Github along with all the branches, tags etc. Since ours is a big  This will give us two remotes for the existing repository: the original one (named origin, connected to the existing remote host) and a new one (named new-origin, connected to the new host). (Git has this concept of “remotes,” which are simply URLs to other copies of your repository.

This worked for me flawlessly.

git clone --mirror <URL to my OLD repo location>
cd <New directory where your OLD repo was cloned>
git remote set-url origin <URL to my NEW repo location>
git push -f origin

I have to mention though that this creates a mirror of your current repo and then pushes that to the new location. Therefore, this can take some time for large repos or slow connections.

Migrating a Git repository from one server to another., When I had to move a number of Git projects to a new host, it took me for the existing repository: the original one (named origin , connected to  As per @Dan-Cohn answer Mirror-push is your friend here. This is my go to for migrating repos: Mirroring a repository. 1.Open Git Bash. 2.Create a bare clone of the repository.

Copy it over. It's really that simple. :)

On the client side, just edit .git/config in the client's local repo to point your remotes to the new URL as necessary.

Moving A Git Repository To A New Server, Here is how to move your GIT repository from one server to another. In my case I needed to move from GitHub to a private server. git clone  git clone --mirror <url_of_old_repo> cd <name_of_old_repo> git remote add new-origin <url_of_new_repo> git push new-origin --mirror Thanks very much, I do it in this way , migrate all the branches in the repository from gerrit to gitlab successfuuly.

This is sort of done in parts in some of the other answers.

git clone --mirror git@oldserver:oldproject.git
cd oldproject.git
git remote add new git@newserver:newproject.git
git push --mirror new

How to move GIT repo from one server to another (Example), # to move, and "new repo" the one you wish to move to. #. ### Step 1. Make sure you have a local copy of all "old repo  Step 2 – Create empty repo on the new Git Server. You need to have an empty target repository where to push your mirrored local clone. Note that most of the Git Servers propose you to create a first master branch with a README, but, in this case, you do not need it and it would only create more trouble in your migration path. Example for GitHub:

Moving git repository and all its branches, tags to a new remote , In order to add the new repo location,. $ git remote add new_repo_name new_repo_url. Now push the content to the new location. $ git push  One way to check if the username / password you are using are basic auth or not is to try using Git to clone your repository using the below format. git clone https://<<username>>:<<password>>@<<remaining clone Url>> Can I import from TFVC? You can migrate code from an existing TFVC repository to a new Git repository within the same account.

How to migrate GIT repository from one server to a new one , to migrate their git repositories from one account to another service Step 2 is to create a new repository on the destination server with the  I've been given an admin access to the one new, but empty repository, then I need to import different repository. How to migrate GIT repository from one server to

How to Migrate Git Repository with Branches and Commit History, If you want to move your git repository from one server to another or say from Step 1 – Create a bare clone of your existing git repository. Merge files into new repository: Make a copy of repository B if you don’t have one already. On line 3, you’ll create a remote connection to repository A as a branch in repository B. Then simply pull from this branch (containing only the directory you want to move) into repository B.

  • All the information (orgin, trunk, etc.) about the repository are stored in a folder named '.git', where you are initializing the repository. So, you need to copy the contents to the new server, using the instructions provided Here
  • simply git config remote.origin.url newurl see…
  • If you wish to migrate your repo and all the branches use the answer by jzwiener or Roberto rather than the accepted answer.
  • Would this only copy a single branch from the old repository to the new one?
  • What is the solution to migrate all branches?
  • You should be able to push all branches at once via git push -u new_repo_name --all.
  • Migration of all branches can be found at
  • Instead of editing the git-config file, this command worked for me: git remote rename new_repo_name origin
  • Git was complaining that --tags and refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* are not compatible with --mirror. worked well.
  • I used this and it worked for me. Probably should be the elected answer. Note that the "code" you get locally appears to be heavy on the meta data which makes it unclear for newbies if something went wrong.
  • This should be the approved answer. Much better than other solutions
  • I ended up with all the branches on my new remote repository prefixed refs/heads/refs/heads using git push -f --tags remoteName refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* so I have swapped to git push remoteName --mirror