How do I get my popup form to close permanently?

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I'm making a pop-up 'subscribe to the mailing list' form for my website. I have a button that is supposed to close the form with this function:

function closeForm() {
  document.getElementById("mailsub").style.display = "none";

but, seemingly due to also having this function to open the form:

setInterval(function openForm() {
  document.getElementById("mailsub").style.display = "block";
}, 700);

when you close the form, it just opens again after 0.7 seconds.

Does anyone know how to make it so the form closes indefinitely while preserving the function to open the form?

Thanks in advance.

setInterval - This will run every 700 milliseconds . so use setTimeout. It will run once after 700milliseconds

setTimeout(function openForm() {
  document.getElementById("mailsub").style.display = "block";
}, 700);

What to do if pop-up window won't go away on Windows 10, How do I close a pop up after submitting the form? Try clicking a link or button that says “dismiss”, “leave page”, “close”, or “no thanks”. If you didn’t see an “X” to close the pop-up, there may be a link like this elsewhere on the pop-up. Try not to click anywhere else on the pop-up. Clicking through a pop-up ad could bring you to an unsafe website.

setInterval will cause the functinon that open the popup to be called every 0.7 seconds. Change it to setTimeout, and it will only fire once:

setTimeout(function openForm() {
  document.getElementById("mailsub").style.display = "block";
}, 700);

How to Create a Popup Form - Video Tutorial, How do I get rid of popups that won't close? Download AdwCleaner. Select AdwCleaner.exe with right mouse click and Run as Administrator. If User Account Control asks you to allow AdwCleaner.exe to make changes to your computer, press Yes to continue. Start scanning your computer for any malicious threats by selecting the Scan button, please wait.

You have to use toggle to set display none or block. And with that you can use it if true use block else none. I can quickly write code for you as well.

shouldOpen ? 'block' : 'none'

shouldOpen hold value true or false and that will be set on the basis of your business rule.

Removing embedded MailChimp pop up., and success page until you'll love the way they look. How do you submit and close a popup in one button call. suggestions run thus. function saveNClose() { document.form.submit(); self.close(); } this doesn't work because the submit has a redirect, and the self.close is never reached.

'Close' option settings, Overview The Close option within the Editor's Popup Settings box contains 3 option Button Form Submission Alternative Methods This article briefly. To entirely remove the Close button from a popup so that visitors must  Pop-up ads in web browsers can be permanently deleted by checking for malicious software related to the ads, resetting the web browser to its original state and reversing any changes to the computer by pop-up ads. Various utility software programs can assist in removing malicious software known as "adware," which displays constant pop-up ads.

Remove close button on pop up, [This thread is closed.] Hello I would like to know if it is possible to remove the close button on a pop up with a form email. Indeed, i would like… In order to remove Get Forms Online, first thing you need to do is to remove unknown and suspicious programs from your PC system using Windows control panel. When removing this hijacker infection, check the list of installed applications and try to find suspicious programs and remove them all.

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  • Why do you open the form in a interval? Use a timeout.
  • clearInterval
  • Thank you so much! It worked