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I am using Retrofit for Android. It is easy to retrieve and upload JSON via a REST based web service. Can we get any library which is equivalent to Retrofit for web services in Flutter?

Send data to the internet, HTTP requests are at the core of most web and mobile apps. Let look at how to setup our Flutter apps to make HTTP requests using the  In this article I won’t be covering each and every part of testing in Flutter. But rather a very important topic in the world of testing mobile apps. “Mocking HTTP request!” Mocking is

get to the location of pubspac.yaml run cmd

> flutter pub get 
> flutter packages get


http: ^0.11.3+16

in pubspac.yaml

get dependencies. try to import library, hopes this helps!

HTTP Requests with Flutter, A composable, multi-platform, Future-based API for HTTP requests. Flutter Android iOS web import 'package:http/http.dart' as http; var url  How to make HTTP requests in Flutter This answer tells how to make HTTP requests using the http package by the Dart team. If more advanced functionality is needed, check out the Dio package mentioned in the comments. We will be using JSONPlaceholder as a target for our API examples below.

Well for me at least you will need 3 packages.

  1. json_serializable
  2. Dio Http Client
  3. retrofit for dart

I have tried chopper but I prefer the dio way of doing things. it is closer and more flexible.

http, _makeGetRequest() async { // make GET request. String url = 'https://​'; Response response = await get(url);  Flutter - GET and POST http requests To get dynamic data in a mobile application. We need to connect with a server to get and post some data. To achieve it, we always use HTTP to perform curl requests and create a connection between applications and server at a certain period to send or receive the data request from an application to the server.

Just simple use this plug and little code for GET http url

add this plugin from here httppackage

 http: ^0.12.0+2


final uri = Constants.BASE_URL + 'endpoint';
    final headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'};//if required
    Response getResponse = await get(uri, headers: headers);
    int statusCode = getResponse.statusCode;
    String responseBody = getResponse.body;
    print('response----' + responseBody);

How to make HTTP requests in Flutter - The Startup, How to make HTTP requests in Flutter. This answer tells how to make HTTP requests using the http package by the Dart team. If more  Having the ability to do HTTP Post Request Flutter app to the remote server is required for most apps. 1. Add Package. In this example, we are using an HTTP dart package for creating an HTTP post request. It is a composable, Future-based library for making HTTP requests.

HTTP request in flutter, 09 Flutter: HTTP requests and Rest API. main.dart. import 'dart:async';. import '​dart:convert'; //it allows us to convert our json to a list. ​. The http.Response class contains the data received from a successful http call. The createAlbum() method takes an argument title that is sent to the server to create an Album. 3. Convert the http.Response to a custom Dart object. While it’s easy to make a network request, working with a raw Future<http.Response> isn’t very

Flutter - Http Requests, print(await''));. Some of the core methods are as follows −. read − Request the specified url through GET method and return back the  Use package:http for doing HTTP requests. This has proper support for both browser and native code! This has proper support for both browser and native code! kevmoo closed this Jul 11, 2019

Flutter HTTP Request (Post Request), It’s hard to do any sort of development without having to make some form of HTTP request, therefore, we’ll be looking at how to use the http plugin within Flutter. Article for this video

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