IOException: Broken pipe when running Android application

When trying to run my Android app from Eclipse I get this error in the console:

    [2013-03-04 14:19:05 - ddmlib] Broken pipe Broken pipe
        at Method)

How do I fix this kind of error?

When I did adb connect <IP_ADDRESS> it showed connected to

This error is usually caused due to the IO pipe between eclipse and your emulator being broken. You don't usually need to worry about this if it isn't causing any problems in your app. Also see this thread.

At first when i run Substrate application directly after running script, it shows the following error: But if i first open the Superuser application then after pressing "OKay" button then if i open substrate application the following message appears: I am just pressing Allow button with "Remember" checked box.

on win7 and using GenyMotion I Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager;

2.from a menu select File -> Preferences...; the opened window switch to Network;

4.on the right hand there are three icons, the lowest's tag is 'Edit host-only network(Space)', click on that; window opens;

6.check wether your 'IPv4 address' (Adapter tab) is between 'Lower Address Bound' and 'Upper Address Bound' (DHCP Server tab);

7.if it is not, make it to be between;

8.if it is, change the 'IPv4 address' address: e.g. if the old one was, then change it to; OK-buttons on opened windows;

10.try whether your virtual device works again.

Before that I also close all processes related to Virtual* or Virt*, in TaskManager.

If yes than pelase also review: Errors in application.log with SSO: Connection reset by peer [ID 750780.1] If those are not help, than I suggest Rise SR Regard Helios Previous Page | General EBS Discussion | HOME

You can only close the emulator that is currently running and then start a new one from the IDE that you are using, e.g. eclipse.. runa as.. Android Application. That's it.

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On the device Pull down the notification bar Select USB for charging Select Use USB for File transfers

Then change it back to Select Use USB for Charging

-- also, switch cables or usb ports sometimes helps.

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Try changing the USB Cable. I had a slightly broken USB cable which was charging the phone perfectly but gave this error on running any application.

The most common reason I've had for a "broken pipe" is that one machine (of a pair communicating via socket) has shut down its end of the socket before communication was complete. About half of those were because the program communicating on that socket had terminated.

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When I switch off the Wifi I get the messages " Broken pipe" or ": Connection reset by peer", which are show on the screen. How can I intercept that message and respond to it? thanks a lot, Johannes

Hi guys, I just upgraded to Unity 5.3.1 (and subsequently 5.3.1p1 after finding a bug with particle systems) from Unity 5.1.4f1 and now I'm getting a

  • did you try restarting the Eclipse?
  • Restart Emulator or re-plugged data cable of connected device