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How can I Set all sheets fill color to No fill using VBA in excel (all cells). Same as select all sheets, Select all cells (Control+A) and change fill color to No fill.

Untested but should do the job:

Sub No_Fill_Wb()

Dim ws as worksheet

For each ws in Thisworkbook.Worksheets
    ws.Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
Next ws

End Sub

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I used "0" in my code (see below) working with Excel 2016 and it turned my columns black.

Master.Columns(Col_Start).Interior.Color = 0

Using "xlNone" per below, however, did work for me.

Master.Columns(Col_Start).Interior.Color = xlNone 

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Hey guys you can use this for selecting "No Fill" option "ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1).Interior.Color = xlNone" otherwise if you want to set any background color you can use this way "ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1).Interior.Color = vbgreen"

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  • Equivalent would also be ws.Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
  • This is because when you set Range.Interior.Color, it expects a long corresponding to the RGB values. 0 -> #000000 which is black. Range.Interior.ColorIndex increments through the default color palette, for which 0 is No Fill