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Trying to find simple way to record screen video of all user sessions and upload them to some server. Can anyone suggest how to implement this feature?

Sessions Replay Tool, User Session Video Replay​​ Capture and replay the entire user session on iOS & android mobile apps to view the whole experience from the user's eye. The video quality of the session replay of all the different app users is top-notch. The whole user session can be replayed using a clear and high-quality recording. The term “Mobile Session Recording” means recording user behavior in the form of video sessions. It’s a form of in-app analytics that helps you to observe and analyze the use of your app. This includes every tap, every scroll, every interaction with the app, every user input and screen output.

I like UXCam it is easy to implement and free to set up and use. It is free for 10,000 user session. In Swift 3.0:

  1. create new uxcam account and save new Application key {abc123}

  2. download the UXCam framework and unzip folder.

  3. Copy unzip framework to your application folder. Then open Xcode drag framework into your navigation pane.

  4. In Xcode go to "Build Settings" go to "Other Linker Flags" and add $(OTHER_LDFLAGS) -ObjC to Debug and Release.

  1. In Xcode go to "Build Phases" then in "Link Binary With Libraries" add AVFoundation.framework, CoreGraphics.framework, CoreMedia.framework, CoreVideo.framework, MobileCoreServices.framework, QuartzCore.framework and SystemConfigureation.framework

  1. In your AppDelegate add

    import UXCam

then in

 func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool { return true}


UXCam.start(withKey: "abc123") //add your key here

AppDelegate.swift all together:

 import UIKit
 import UXCam 

 class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {

var window: UIWindow?

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
    // Override point for customization after application launch.

    UXCam.start(withKey: "abc123") 

    return true


  1. your finished build and run and the screen will be recorded from the run to until the app goes into the background.

This is what my navigation pane looks like when done:

Deliver the perfect app experience, Do you know how your users are interacting with your mobile app? Appsee's powerful user recordings allow you to see their entire in-app experience. User recordings are one of the cornerstones of qualitative app analytics. of every screen is recorded, allowing you to gain instant insights of your app's user experience. Real-Time UX Analytics Can Help You Understand Your App Users Better . By tracking, capturing, and viewing the different events, app alert messages, app exceptions and gestures performed by app users, you will be in a better position to understand the user issues, and the reasons that made them drop out of a session.

We were also looking for an alike service and stopped on UXCam in the end. It seemed to be interesting for us in comparison with its main competitor called AppSee in terms of pricing and other features. That is why we decided to use it in our project.

First things first, all we had to do is to sign up for demo period. Then we got access to dashboard with a given API key and documentation. We started with adding a library to our project using Yarn.

yarn add react-native-ux-cam

To make code cleaner, we have created a file in config folder called uxcam.js where we placed the content from the snippet below. Here you can add your API key instead of the placeholder UX_CAM_KEY.

import RNUxcam from 'react-native-ux-cam'
import Config from 'react-native-config'
const initUXCam = () => {
export default {

There is an initialization method of UXCam. Also, as you can see, we decide to disable automatic screen name tagging. In our project, we use React Native Navigation by Wix which helps to provide a better user experience in terms of navigating between different screens. The problem is that UXCam incorrectly gives a name to a screen and it can’t help us to track how much time users spend in the app overall. Fortunately, there is a trick we use to choose a name precisely for the currently displayed screen.

Now we could import our initUXCam method into our App.js file.

import uxcam from ‘./uxcam’
const init = () => {
  // Other code regarding initialization of the app
export default {

To observe appearing of a new screen and send it to UXCam we use a listener from React Native Navigation. Here is how the usage looks like:

import { Navigation } from 'react-native-navigation'
import RNUxcam from 'react-native-ux-cam', componentName) => {

Then you can build the app and try it on a simulator or on a real device. It’s up to you.

Now we can track user sessions in the UXCam dashboard. The videos are uploaded when the sessions are finished. You can watch a video of a session and analyze users’ behavior in certain places of the app.

UXCam dashboard

UXCam seems to be the most affordable solution when we talk about doing precise analytics of users behavior. Setup doesn’t take too much time and after a small input from a developer, the library gives up a huge output with a powerful dashboard. It helps to understand which parts of the app confuse users in terms of navigating and which parts make the users happy about using the app. Simple tracking of events with Firebase Analytics is the apps, tools like UXCam are the future.

User Recordings, Flurry Analytics provides app tracking and analytics for businesses to compare behavior trends across your iOS and Android versions. With user session video recordings, Appsee allows you to see exactly how users behave on the app. This allows you to quickly spot any UI or usability issues and  Doing analytics. Now we can track user sessions in the UXCam dashboard. The videos are uploaded when the sessions are finished. You can watch a video of a session and analyze users’ behavior in certain places of the app.

Actually jumping on the first comment about Appsee because they focus on mobile, and not spreading themselves between mobile and web, I know they’re top quality in their market. The session recordings have allowed me to catch so many bugs and crashes occurring on specific screens.

Also on the price point, they do have a free option for startups.

Integration is very simple, for example:

(BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
    [Appsee start:@"your-key"];
    return YES;

Best Tools for Tracking User Behavior on Mobile Apps, Userlytics's mobile app user experience testing lets you observe the usability of apps on iOS. Works on – iOS / iPhone / iPad / Android With session recordings, touch heatmaps, and analytics, you have a window into the mind of the user. The video session replay for iOS & android mobile apps allows you to see how users are interacting with your app Full user sessions are captured and recorded in high-quality videos to help you identify the pain points faced by the users while interacting with your app. Get Real User Experience Insights With User Experior

Appsee and uxcam are good, but expensive. Try to user They have just user session recordings now, but this tool is free.

14 Testing Tools for Mobile UX, Session recordings, heatmaps, events, funnels, analytics and reporting. Plans start at $31 per month. Free plan available. UX Analytics and types of UX Analytics. UX Analytics is the measurement and analysis of user activity on a mobile app or website that provides qualitative and quantitative insights into the platform’s design. This information can be used to recognize the needs of the user, rectify any design loopholes, and improve the overall quality of the

Smartlook: User Recording, Heatmaps and Analytics for Websites , It's the analytics software that lets you record users' activity inside your application or on on your app, enabling you to identify, analyze and fix user experience issues. It supports mobile apps across Android & iOS and works across Native,  UXCam is an experience analytics solution for mobile apps. Session Replay, Heatmaps, Funnel Analytics and Quantitative Analytics make UXCam a complete enterprise analytics solution for deeply understanding user behavior. Book a short demo today.

What's the best app analytics for session replay?, Here are a few tried and true analytics tools to track user behavior in your mobile app, User session recordings enable you to do just that, by showing you exactly how Instantly identify unresponsive gestures to improve gesture UX and understand and Dear Product Designers, this is new in iOS 14. UXCam has the most advanced session replay feature for mobile apps on the market: UXCam shows you all elements and gestures on an action table UXCam automatically detects rage taps and unresponsive gestures UXCam gives you the option to watch recordings on full screen or as a playlist

5 Ways to Track User Behavior in Your Mobile App, UserX Mobile App Analytics. Mobile app UX-analytics Just create a goal at the UserX console and watch session recordings with unfavorable behavior. UserExperior is an app analytics heatmap tool that helps UX designers to identify, analyse and fix user experience issues. It is a user session recording tool that captures, in real-time, gestures and events performed by the user and consolidates all the data on a single platform.

  • Maybe you know some free solutions? Or library just to capture the screen?
  • These services should process all this data, so I don't thing that finding such free service could be easy.
  • Provide a little more information like a sample or a link.
  • You can find info you need there
  • it is not free, it only has a limited free plan and advanced paid plans like AppSee and UXCam