How can I show ellipses on my TextView if it is greater than the 1 line?

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I have the following Layout which does not work:





This is a common problem. Try using the following:


.............. the scrollHorizontally is the "special sauce" that makes it work.

android:ellipsize - Add an ellipsis() in a TextView, I have the following Layout which does not work: android:paddingTop="6dp"> <TextView android:layout_weight="1" android:id="@+id/experienceLabel"  Add an ellipsis in a TextView Android. Ellipsis is triple dots () at the end of the line. It is required when you want to keep your sentence in a single line. If your test reached the end of the line then automatically create at the end. Steps to create ellipsis TextView in android: 1. Add TextView in your activity.

This will also make a single line with ellipsise


Beginning Android 2, 1. Add a TextView to your activity. 2. In the main.xml file, add the below line the ellipsis will not display yet as a TextView is set to automatically expand on  Android tips: cut textview and add ellipsis Single line. Add android:ellipsize=”end” in the properties of the texview. If you want your text on one line, add android:singleLine=”true”. Example:

Use this


Don't use this without fully aware of what output comes


When you use maxlines = 1 it will some time truncate most of the characters.

What does ellipsize mean in android?, So, if you try to use a different font and it does not appear to be working, the font in Also, you are probably best served by changing the case of your font Android's TextView class has the built-in ability to “ellipsize” text, truncating it and adding an ellipsis if the text is longer than the available space. the end of the line). The default value is false (multi-line wrapped text mode) for non-editable text, but if you specify any value for inputType, the default is true (single-line input field mode). Must be a boolean value, either "true" or "false".

The way it worked for me on multiple devices / APIs was programmatically like this (where tv is your TextView):

    if (tv.getLineCount() > 1) {
        int lineEndIndex = tv.getLayout().getLineEnd(0);
        String text = tv.getText().subSequence(0, lineEndIndex - 3) + "\u2026";

Android Autosizing TextViews, their pitfalls, and what to do about them, If set, causes words that are longer than the view is wide to be android:lines="1​" android:scrollHorizontally="true" android:ellipsize="end" 1 Year ago The TextView will use an ellipsis when it cannot expand to show all of its text. to your TextView a scrollHorizontally, minLines, or maxLines to have the ellipsis display. I need to show an icon on the ListView's items, if the item's text is ellipsized, and hide it if there's enough room for the text to finish. I have access to the button in getView method of my adapter (where I set the text) but the ellipses are not added immediately upon setting the text. Is there any way I can do this? Here's my TextView markup:

So all the answers above cater to the requirement that only 1 line and then the ellipsis should appear. However if you want the ellipsis to appear after certain lines of text, then you should use the following:


With this the ellipsis will appear only after 2 lines. Note: Its important to have singleLine as false.

TextView: Add text after ellipsis or change ellipsis character, I remember I was super excited when Autosizing TextViews were that as long as we're clear about it, and the clarity comes from the ellipsis. that it adds one more safety layer to make sure our text will show up If we want to prevent word splitting in one single line, then maxLines="1" is enough, but for  You want to use a specific height then have a TextView calculate the amount of lines that can be shown within that height. Finally, if the amount of lines needed is greater than the amount shown, you want to show ellipses. That's not possible with how the ellipses in TextView is coded. It simply wasn't meant for that.

Flutter text overflow fade, TextView: Add text after ellipsis or change ellipsis character - android. getLineEnd(maxLine - 1); String text = tv. I want to show html content in a textview also if its more than 5 lines then trim the additional lines and add ". I spent sometime and wrote my own custom TextView which allows you to show a custom ellipsis. A TextView and that expand and contract to show more or less content. Using ellipses with the TextView or the TextUtils to calculate where to ellipsize text can return the wrong result as it doesn't cater for new line characters. This code will consistently returns the correct number of lines.

Swiftui truncate text, You'll want to display the same amount of text as your default UI. A view that displays one or more lines of read-only text. needs more than one line to show its full contents, the text will get truncated with an Isn't is awesome that you won'​t be switching either to UILabel or TextView because one lacks some capabilities. TextView auto-sizing was introduced to the framework with Android 8.0 Oreo (API 26). It offers a simple yet powerful API to solve a particular problem: scaling of text size to fit text bounds. For…

Flexbox and Truncated Text, Situation: you have a single line of text in a flex child element. You don't want that text to wrap, you want it truncated with ellipsis (or fall back to. Animated GIF showing the non-wrapping text preventing the flex parent from getting narrower. Not only that flexbox makes says that its container should be larger than we want. And I can't stress this enough: cropped text is bad and we should always avoid it. Let me repeat that one last time with a bigger italic font: Cropped text is ba. Anyway, the best thing about autosizing is that it adds one more safety layer to make sure our text will show up properly.