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I want to generate an input type of text with custom mask like --day/--night and user replace - just with numbers. any suggestion? Please help me out here.

duration: --day/--night

Using two inputs is much more efficient.

But if you really want to do this, yes you can do it. You would need to check the input value every time user inputs a character and format the value to what you would like. You can also manipulate the cursor position using selectionStart and selectionEnd properties.

There are also a number of mask plugins for inputs.

Implement an input with a mask, Input masks can be implemented using a combination of the keyup event, and the character(s) in the placeholder that is/are intended as input slot, for example, "_". ids //of each HTML counterpart. var maskMgr = new InputMaskManager();  HTML <input> pattern Attribute HTML <input> tag. Example. An HTML form with an input field that can contain only three letters (no numbers or special characters):

You can do following:

Make a placeholder "--" where the user can write the things in. Here is a short example what I mean:

duration: <input placeholder="--" maxlength="2">day/<input placeholder="--" maxlength="2">night

input masking, <input id="expiration" type="tel" placeholder="MM/YY" class="masked" pattern="(​1[0-2]|0[1-9])\/\d\d" data-valid-example="11/18" title="2-digit month and 2-digit  Input masks are a way to control what data can be entered into a form’s field. They are governed by a strict set of rules that site visitors can’t break while trying to fill out your form. The rules for custom input masks include the following symbols: 9: Numeric (0-9) a: Alphabetical (a-z or A-Z) A: Uppercase alphabetical (A-Z)

Telerik offer a free version of their "Kendo UI" JavaScript code. Here's an example of what you want:

Here's the free code:

Here's their masked input code hosted on Github:

The Easiest Way To Add Input Masks To Your Forms, Input masks make it much easier for users to figure out the required format for filling out It has clean and modern design, the HTML is fully compliant with the You have all rights to customize and use these templates in both  HTML5/JavaScript Input Mask Control with Custom Masks Allows users to enter valid data only through the input mask. Supports custom mask formats with regular expressions (regex) to validate application-specific data. Allows the validation of specific data formats such as phone numbers and date masks with different mask combinations.

It is very hard to write this type of code but you can use this code for this type of formatting.

    <label for="phone">Phone</label>
    <!-- or set via JS -->
    <input id="phone" type="text" />

jquery code


    $("#phone").inputmask({"mask": "99/99"});

see the codepen link click here

How to Add Input Masks to Form Fields in Bootstrap Studio, We will use the jQuery Mask Plugin, and write a bit of JS to make it work. You can download the complete example as a bsdesign file. Download Example. First,  It has clean and modern design, the HTML is fully compliant with the framework and the CSS is self contained, so when you use it, it won't break the rest of your styles. We have used jQuery Mask Plugin to create the input masks for the form fields. It is really easy to use and implement, and has a lot of customization options.

Masked Input, 9 - Represents a numeric character (0-9); * - Represents an alphanumeric character (A-Z,a-z,0-9). Example. I like the mask in the Kendo suite, but it might it would be overkill to add the entire library for just an input mask. I do think they let you add separate js files for just components you want to use, but I think I would still only consider it when using other parts of the library as well.

Masked Input for Fields, and download the Masked Input plugin zipfile. Unzip the zip file. Create a date, phone, and SSN.) Here is the HTML code for the date element in my form: ? In the "Before Form" section, click on the CUSTOM button. A text box will open. Custom input masks can be added to any Single Line Text field. After you’ve added this field type to your form, click on it to open its Field Options panel. Within the Field Options, you’ll need to open the Advanced Options section. Then you can add your rule to the Input Mask field. Basic Input Masks

RobinHerbots/Inputmask: Input Mask plugin, Use the input-mask element in your html code and set the options as attributes. Example sorting for multiple masks or retrieving mask definitions dynamically  A solution: Building custom input components. The approach my team and I have taken at work is to create custom input components which suit our applications needs. By doing this, we've greatly reduce the amount of code we write, while also making updates to styling and functionality much quicker and simpler.