How to sum time string in an array?

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Suppose, I've an array of different time string.

let a: any = ["7:20", "5:50", "6:30"];

I want to sum up these HH:mm time strings. I am building up an app using Ionic 4 (Angular). I have already used momentjs for these. But, unfortunately yet I can't find any solution.

Update: Expected Result: 7:20 + 5:50 + 6:30 = 19:40 (HH:33)

You can treat time as moment durations that can be summed up:

const any = ['7:20', '7:52', '5:03', '1:01', '9:02', '6:00'];

const sum = any.reduce((acc, time) => acc.add(moment.duration(time)), moment.duration());

console.log([Math.floor(sum.asHours()), sum.minutes()].join(':'));
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You could use reduce method by passing a callback function.

let arr= ["7:20", "5:50", "6:30"];
toSeconds = (str) => {
   str = str.split(':');
   return (+str[0]) * 60 + (+str[1]);  

toHHss = (seconds) => {
   let minutes = parseInt(seconds/60);
   seconds = seconds - minutes*60;
   return minutes + ':' + seconds;
let result = arr.reduce((r,elem) => r + toSeconds(elem), 0);

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Vanilla Javascript implementation:

const secondsToHm = s => ({
  hours: ((s - s % 3600) / 3600) % 60, 
  minutes: ((s - s % 60) / 60) % 60, 

let a = ["7:20", "5:50", "6:30"];
let total = 0; 

for(let i = 0; i < a.length; i++){
  const aSlice = a[i].split(':');
  const aSeconds = (+aSlice[0]) * 60 * 60 + (+aSlice[1]) * 60;
  total += aSeconds


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A POJS solution can be very simple:

/* Add array of time strings in H:mm format
** @param {Array<string>} timeArray - Array of H:mm
** @returns {string} - sum of times in H:mm format
function addTimes(timeArray) {
  let mins = timeArray.reduce((acc, time) => {
    let [h, m] = time.split(':');
    acc += h*60 + m*1;
    return acc;
  }, 0);
  return (mins/60|0) + ':' + ('0'+(mins%60)).slice(-2);

// Example
console.log(addTimes(["7:20", "5:03", "6:42"]));

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You can use moment.duration() to get the number of milliseconds for each time string in the array, and add them.

a.reduce((acc, t) => acc.add(moment.duration(t)), moment.duration())

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  • what is the result you are expecting?
  • what result you want exactly ?
  • @Praveen I am expecting, Total Hour: 19:40 (HH:mm)
  • Why shouldn't moment("7:20", "H:mm") not work?
  • @sunielkalwani 7:20 + 5:50 + 6:30 = 19:40 (Total Hours)
  • I am getting correct result from console.log(sum.asHours()); But when I convert Hours to HH:mm the result is not expected! My Sample Input time: 7:20 + 7:52 + 5:03 + 1:01 + 9:02 + 6:00 = 36:18. But it shows 12:18 which is wrong.
  • Can you please specify how do you perform conversion from a duration to 'HH:mm' format? Did you try to approach from the updated answer (that implies getting hours and minutes separately and joining them afterwards)?
  • Yes, I am just using your updated code. Can you plz check it using my above comment sample inputs? I think you can understand.
  • @AbhijitM.Abhi Sorry for the confusion, I got your point and updated the answer that uses absolute number of hours, please take a look.
  • Exactly the correct answer what I am expecting that you have done with a few lines of code. Happy Coding!
  • The toHHss function doesn't format the minutes correctly, it produces H:m whereas the OP seems to want H:mm. The seconds parameter should probably be named minutes. :-)
  • @RobG, result will hold the total number of seconds after we do sum. Then I just convert the seconds to HH:MM format