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I have been given a task of upgrading an old store's Magento ver. to Magento ver.

Had quite a few issues which seems to be normal when it comes to Magento upgrades, but got all sorted after some nights work. However there seems to be a minor issue on the backend where if you navigate to the following...

> Admin > Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > [Any Custom Attribute] > Edit Product Attribute

The "Manage Label / Options" tab displays nothing if you click it. You can see what I mean in the screenshot provided.

I still have the old system backed up (Magento ver. and it displays the following on the same page

I have tried searching for someone with a similar issue, without any results. Have also tried looking into the phtml files, but could not find any errors there. Nor are there any errors with ini_set('display_errors', 1); on. Tried deleting cache and reindexing without luck.

Hope someone can help me with this issue, and thanks in advance! If there is any additional information required, I'll be happy to provide it.

I solved the problem! I was missing the following folder, which I got from the old system:


Product Attributes, Product attribute properties determine how an attribute can be used in the catalog, its appearance and behavior in the store, and the data  Looking for e commerce magento? Search now! is the newest place to search, delivering top results from across the web.

In our case we had an extension called BusinessKing_AttributeQuickAdd. It extended Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Catalog_Product_Attribute_Edit_Tab_Options. Once we removed it, everything started working again.

Creating Product Attributes, The Storefront Properties determine how an attribute can be used in your store, its appearance, and behavior. You can specify if attributes are  You can create as many attributes and attribute sets as necessary to describe the products in your catalog. In addition to the attributes that you can create, system attributes, such as price, are built into the core Magento platform and cannot be changed. Creating a New Attribute While Editing a Product. Feb 14th, 2020

For me, there's only one option displayed in Manage Label / Options. I allowed Flash for my Magento site in Google Chrome and all options are correctly displaying now.

Product Attributes, Attribute set is a list of certain individual Magento product attributes, which fully describe all product's characteristics. Attribute set is used during every new product  attribute_set_code: Assigns the product to a specific attribute set or product template, according to product type. Once the product is created, the attribute set cannot be changed. For example: default: product_type: Indicates the type of product. Values: simple — Tangible items that are generally sold as single units or in fixed quantities.

Beginner's Guide on Magento Product Attribute Sets, How to add a new custom product attribute to Magento 2? Product attributes in Amasty extensions. Layered Navigation/ Filtering. How to make an attribute  Product attribute properties determine how an attribute can be used in the catalog, its appearance and behavior in the store, and the data included in data transfer operations. The properties and labels associated with each attribute determine how it can be used and its presentation in the store.

Product Attributes in Magento 2 [Configurations and Tips], Step 1: Complete Basic and Advanced Properties information. On the Admin panel, click Stores . In the Attributes section, select Product; Click Add New Attribute  Magento product attribute In Magento, attribute consists of one or more name & value pairs. For products, the attributes are name, description, sku, image, etc. assigned with their own value. This guide is gonna show you how to get product attributes in Magento.

How to Create Product Attribute in Magento 2 – Mageplaza, To Create a Product Attribute in Magento 2. Follow all these steps with detailed guides to create a Product Attribute: Step 1: Create a New Attribute; Step 2:  Magento provides you with a flexible functionality to set properties to each product in a catalog. Using Magento product attributes you can set such product features as color, size, width, height, etc. Generally any information that makes the product unique can be displayed using product attributes.