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I'm looking to hide certain cells when they contain "No Requirement", after researching online all I can find is how to hide a whole row or column, not just three or four cells on the whole sheet. Is this even possible?

I was thinking maybe an if statement, but I'm not even sure if that is possible.

I don't have any code because I don't even know how to start.

Say we want to "hide" a cell, but not hide the entire row or entire column. We can "hide" the cells contents by setting the color of the font equal to the color of the cell's background In this way:

  1. the cell will appear "empty in the sheet
  2. the cell's content will be visible in the Formula Bar
  3. the content can easily be edited


This coloration can be implemented with Conditional Formatting with the FormulaIs option:

=AND(NOT(ISERROR(E2)),E2="No Requirement")

(the error check is redundant in this case)

Hiding Cells Containing, Say we want to "hide" a cell, but not hide the entire row or entire column. We can "hide" the cells contents by setting the color of the font equal to  The keyboard key combination for hiding columns is: Ctrl+0. Click on a cell in the column you want to hide to make it the active cell. Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Press and release the 0 key without releasing the Ctrl key. The column containing the active cell should be hidden from view.

You can't hide individual cells, only entire columns, rows and worksheets.

How to hide rows based on cell value in Excel?, Hide rows based on cell value with Filter. In Excel, you can  Hiding all rows below cells containing certain text 0 How to select the last cell that contains data in a specific column, and then use that cell to move to target cell with offset

You can give the cells a custom number format of ;;; (three semicolons) to make their values "invisible".

By this, only error values are shown, but you can still use the cell's values within other formulas. This is not good style, as other persons may accidentially delete the cell's values, but it's better than to give it e. g. white color on white background, as errors are still shown.

Range.NumberFormat = ";;;"

Conditionally Hiding Rows, Columns or Sheets – Support Topics, Overview. Automatically hiding entire rows or columns can be accomplished by including the HIDE keyword in the first cell of the column or row  Sub Hide_Columns_Containing_Value() 'Description: This macro will loop through a row and 'hide the column if the cell in row 1 of the column 'has the value of X. 'Author: Jon Acampora, Excel Campus 'Source: Dim c As Range For Each c In Range("A1:G1").Cells If c.Value = "X" Then c.EntireColumn.Hidden = True 'You can change the property above to False 'to unhide the columns.

Hiding Columns Based on a Cell Value (Microsoft Excel), The following simple macro, for instance, examines the contents of cell B4 and, if the cell contains 0, hides column H. If cell B4 does not contain 0, then column H  Hide unused cells, rows, and columns with Hide & Unhide command We can hide an entire row or column by Hide & Unhide command, and can hide all blank rows and columns with this command too. Step 1: Select the row header beneath the used working area in the worksheet.

VBA Macro to Hide All Columns That Contain a Value in a Cell , So we need a macro that will loop through row 1 and hide each column if the cell in the column contains an “X”. Download the Excel File. How to hide rows based on cell value in Excel? 1. Select the data you want to filter out, and click Data > Filter . See screenshot: 2. Then click on the down arrow to display the filter drop down list, and click Number Filters (or Text Filters) > Greater Than (you can choose 3. In the popping

How to Hide Cells, Rows, and Columns in Excel, You can't hide a cell in the sense that it completely disappears until you unhide it. With what would that cell be replaced? Excel can only blank  Hide rows when multiple cells contain (or don't contain) text. I'd like to create a macro that hides rows that contain text in one cell and do not contain text in two other cells. Specifically, in the partial view of the spreadsheet below, I'd like the macro to hide all rows that contain text (any text) in column 'C' and that contain no text at all in columns 'A' and 'B'.

  • As you see, there are several ways to make individual cell's content invisible. I personally always use it in following ranking: 1. Formula to show either result or "" (easy to find and understand for later readers) 2. Number format ;;; (errors visible, little effort) 3. Conditional formatting (higher effort, risk of unwanted splitting into more and more conditions) 4. Font Color like background color (errors not visible)
  • That's a good idea. Conditional formatting could be used to accomplish this on a large scale, if need be.
  • Conditional formatting would mean that setting the condition ="No Requirement" would only execute for cells with "No Requirement", meaning errors and any other value not equal to "No Requirement" would also show. It is a good idea.
  • @Asger THANK YOU! See my EDIT#1
  • @TateGarringer See my EDIT#1:
  • @Asger Your suggestion is FANTASTIC. I intend to use it in the future to make error values Bold and Red Thanks again!
  • An if() statement of the form : =IF(A1="No requirement","",A1) will put the contents of cell A1 unless it contains "No requirement"...