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hi m trying to delete the products(which are coming form db) from the admin site but it shows error page which displays 'Object not found!' any solution for it,

this is code of ProductsController:

  public function deleteProduct($id = null){
    return redirect()->back()->with('flash_message_success', 'Product has been deleted successfully');


  <a id="delProduct" rel="{{ $product->id }}" rel1="delete-product" href="javascript:" class="btn btn-danger btn-mini deleteRecord">Delete</a>

can you try this approach, although it is different but i love using it especially with javascript or with ajax call

    public function deleteProduct(Request $request){
    return redirect()->back()->with('flash_message_success', 'Product has been deleted successfully');

<a id="delProduct" rel="{{ $product->id }}" rel1="delete-product" href="javascript:" class="btn btn-danger btn-mini deleteRecord">Delete</a>

and my jquery code will look something like this

...then ajax call to the server here with the id

}); });

Impossible to delete a product, Support » Plugin: WooCommerce » Impossible to delete a product Well, the issue is not only that the deleted product is displayed on the page, otherwise I  Prime Reasons for Deleting a Product or Product Line Obsolescence. Many products have been dropped in the past because they were outdated by advances in technology. Loss of Appeal. As consumer tastes change, companies may need to drop products that no longer appeal to the new tastes. Changes in

try this:


Why You Should Never Delete, Unpublish, or otherwise Hide , Removing products may not only frustrate your customers with an error page or '​MIA' product, but it can also affect the rankings and other SEO properties that  In summary, the six steps you should take when a product is about to be deleted are as follows: Notify any shopping feeds, partner websites, or buyers who might be sensitive to this item suddenly going missing — ideally, you want the product to be removed from feeds and external sites before it’s gone from your own.

How about this one? You might not need to do $id = null.

public function deleteProduct($id){
    return redirect()->back()->with('flash_message_success', 'Product has been deleted successfully');

product is not deleting form cart, hello m trying to delete product from cart but when i click on delete product then it shows alert that product deleted but it does not deletes,,,,,no Some rational reasons for neglecting the deletion of the product Revitalization- This is the situation when the company feels that still there are chances of saving the product where it can be revitalized using the new features or any other way.

Can not delete Product from Google Merchant Center List, the merchant-center-account cannot be used to properly delete items that were previously uploaded using a feed. the proper way to delete all  If there's no button to delete a product, it's because you can not delete it. Reason could be that there may be transactions out there and you may need a way to track it. Sometimes it takes a while from a transaction to be initiated and for us to get notified that the payment has gone through.

Deleting a Product, Although it is not possible to delete multiple products in one go, it is possible to change products to inactive in Bulk. First, export a list of products:. There are several reasons for deleting a mature product. First, when a product is losing money, it is a prime deletion candidate. In regard to this indication, it is important to make sure that the loss is truly attributable to the product and not just a quirk in the company's accounting system.

Deleting Products, There is no way to restore deleted products. We highly recommend backing up your store before attempting to delete products. You can also hide products from​  After you install a program on your computer, the program is not listed in the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel. Also, other programs that are installed on your computer and that were previously listed in Add/Remove Programs may no longer be listed.

  • public function deleteProduct($id) only, not ($id = null)... you are making the passed value equal with null, that's why it can't find the product
  • Can we see your route definition for this method? Also, are you using Javascript to perform the delete request?
  • @Mozammil Route::get('/admin/delete-product/{id}','ProductsController@deleteProduct');
  • @PatrikAlexits still same issue
  • Are you using Javascript to delete the product?
  • Please post the html and the JavaScript code, the problem should be from them
  • actually i add the sweet alert on deleting any product initially it was working but then showing error, for this reason i removed it
  • on the anchor tag, does the product->id of your rel return any value? try viewing it using view page source to see if there is value on the rel attribute