About replace() code, how can i replace secondary "a" string?

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kName = "cglsamaz";
cName = kName.replace("a","e");
document.getElementById("anythingx").innerHTML = cName;

this codes result : cglsemaz what i want : cglsamez

I'm assuming you want a bit of a generic solution not just last a literally, otherwise a Regex pattern could do it.

For that can use a combination of lastIndexOf and substring:

var kName = "cglsamaz";
var valueToReplace = 'a';
var newValue = 'e';
var replaceIndex = kName.lastIndexOf(valueToReplace);

var cName = 
    kName.substring(0, replaceIndex) +
    newValue +
    kName.substring(replaceIndex + valueToReplace.length);

document.getElementById("anythingx").innerHTML = cName;
<div id="anythingx"></div>

About replace() code, how can i replace secondary “a” string?, cName = kName.replace("a","e"); document.getElementById("anythingx").​innerHTML = cName;. this codes result : cglsemaz what i want :  In principle if service profile associated with a blade has dual fabric connectivity, and multipathing for Ethernet and FC is working properly, you could just remove and replace a IOM. However, and I'm paranoid here, I would do it in a service window, or at least off hours.

Here is a generalized solution that uses a function as the second parameter to the .replace(...) method:

    function replacerMaker(rplc, inst) {

      // This is to keep track of the numbered instance found    
      var idx = 0;

      // this returns a function which will replace the numbered instance of
      // the search string with the replacement string
      return function(match, offset, string) {
      	if (++idx === inst) {
        	return rplc;
        return match;
    // A slightly longer name to test instances 3, 4, etc.
    var kName = "cglsamazabkdsakuodakdif";

    var cName = kName.replace(/a/g, replacerMaker("e", 2));
    document.getElementById("anythingx").innerHTML = "Second Instance: " + cName;
    cName = kName.replace(/a/g, replacerMaker("e", 4));
    document.getElementById("anythingx").innerHTML += "<br />" + "Fourth Instance: " + cName;
<div id="anythingx"></div>

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There is a smart alternative to my previous answer:

kName = "cglsamaz";
cName = kName.replace("a","*TEMP*");
cName = cName.replace("a","e");
cName = cName.replace("*TEMP*","a");
document.getElementById("anythingx").innerHTML = cName;

Replaces first occurrence with a temporary value, allowing to replace the second occurrence (now it is the first) as needed and then restores the original value to the temporary one! Can be simplified in a single string.

(I created a new answer because it is a totally different approach)

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You can reverse it and then replace the a with and e and then reverse it again.

kName = "cglsamaz";
kName = kName.split("").reverse().join("")
cName = kName.replace("a","e");
cName  = cName.split("").reverse().join("")

However this seems quite long winded for a simple change Hope that helps

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  • @zerkms He doesn't want to replace all occurences; only the second. This isn't a duplicate.
  • @Gendarme my apologies, I type quicker than read :-(
  • Yes, Gendarme is right. I just want to change second "a".
  • There is this duplicate question, but it doesn't really have a satisfactory answer.
  • This seems somewhat complex for such a simple task as this. Is it not "better" to simply convert to a char array, manipulate, and then back to string if there are no simpler solutions?
  • Very likely, you are correct, @Gendarme. It was a nice excuse to explore the .replace([RegEx], [function]) syntax.
  • I'm sorry. I just realized that this isn't Java. I have too many tabs open and I confused the two.
  • In this case the last 'a' happens to be the same as the second 'a', but the question asks for the second specifically.
  • I have just edited my answer. This is the simplest, or at least the most compact, solution I can think of due to the lack of Positive LookBehind support in JavaScript RegExp.