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Where can I find the list of default word breakers for English in sql server full text search?

Neutral word breakers (white space and punctuation) + Locale specific values. So, it would depend on which English Locale is running.

See http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms142509(v=sql.100).aspx

Configure & manage word breakers & stemmers for search, For a non-localized version of SQL Server, the default full-text language option is English. When you create or alter a full-text index, you can  By default, in SQL Server, full-text search will parse the query terms using the language specified for each column that is included in the full-text clause. To override this behavior, specify a nondefault language at query time.

The list of languages which have word breakers associated with them can be obtained by running the following query -

SELECT * FROM sys.fulltext_languages; 

I am not sure if there's a stored-proc or an internal table which shows you the .dll file associated with each language but that can be looked up under the following registry key -

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\{SQL Instance Name}\MSSearch\CLSID\

The language mappings for each CLSID is stored in MSSearch\Language.

SQL Server Full Text Search Language Features, SQL Full-text Search (SQL FTS) is an optional component of SQL Server word breaker from the one specified as the default in the full-text So, to see how C# is broken for US English you get the CLSID of the following key:  SQL Server 2019 (15.x) installs and enables a version of the word breakers and stemmers for all languages supported by Full-Text Search with the exception of Korean. This article describes how to switch from this version of these components to the previous version, or to switch back from the previous version to the new version.

With the stored procedure sys.dm_fts_parser you can test given strings against the word breaker. The following query tests all ASCII chars from char(32) to char(255) and returns a list of currently active word breaker chars.

declare @i integer
declare @cnt integer
set @i=32
while @i<255
  set @cnt=0
  select @cnt=COUNT(1) FROM sys.dm_fts_parser ('"word1'+CHAR(@i)+'word2"', 1033, 0, 0)
  if @cnt>1
  print CONCAT('ASCII ', @i, ': ', char(@i))
  set @i=@i+1


ASCII 32:  
ASCII 33: !
ASCII 34: "
ASCII 35: #
ASCII 36: $
ASCII 37: %
ASCII 38: &
ASCII 40: (
ASCII 41: )
ASCII 42: *
ASCII 43: +
... and so on ...

Source: https://stuart-moore.com/generating-a-list-of-full-text-word-breakers-for-sql-server/

Hands on Full-Text Search in SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server comes up with an answer to part of this issue with a performed in a specific language context like English or French. It's also called to analyze Full-Text queries, including word breaking and You can run following query in order to get an overview of the filters defined by default:  SQL Server Full Text works on breaking text down into fragments we’d normally call words, and then working on those fragments. In English we know what most of those are likely to be, ‘ ‘,’.’,’,’ (space, full stop, comma) and some others.

Querying Full-Text Data in Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 enhances the full-text search support that was Word breakers and stemmers perform linguistic analysis on all full-text data. version of SQL Server, the default full-text language is English. Browse other questions tagged sql-server full-text-search wordbreaker or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 246: Chatting with Robin Ginn, Executive Director of the OpenJS…

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Unleashed, You can't do a full-text query and expect the results to be aware that it is dealing This is important to note because other Microsoft search applications can search The English (U.S) and British (or International English) word breakers index During installation, the SQL Server setup program uses the default language  It’s also called to analyze Full-Text queries, including word breaking and stemming (see below for more info). This means that the entire Full-Text Search feature is spread across these two processes: fdhost.exe and sqlserv.exe and that some components of this feature interact with each other’s. Let’s review these components:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration (Adobe Reader), Word Breakers and Stemmers—The fulltext search engine implements word breakers and stemmers Twentythree word breakers are included with SQL Server. default because they are found to have no useful effect on the search. The words can, so, and if can be found in the U.S. English version of the noise words file. SQL Server ships with a system stoplist that contains the most commonly used stopwords for each supported language, that is for every language associated with given word breakers by default. You can copy the system stoplist and customize your copy by adding and removing stopwords.