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I'm trying to configure an AWS Greengrass group through their JavaScript SDK, and I get everything up and running up to where I have a deployment. The issue is that the deployment seems to be stuck on "in progress" and there are no cloudwatch logs to help me.

I looked at the core device, and this is what I saw in the /greengrass/ggc/var/logs/system/runtime.log file:

[2019-01-18T03:17:22.64Z][INFO]-Greengrass Root: /greengrass
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.64Z][INFO]-Greengrass Write Directory: /greengrass/ggc
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.64Z][INFO]-Group File Directory: /greengrass/ggc/deployment/group
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.64Z][INFO]-Default Lambda UID: 498 GID: 496
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.64Z][INFO]-The current core is using the AWS IoT certificates with fingerprint: 7591dcd10e96f86dd2d323d468b84b419b26280bbcfd3c0eee45c5a12c6d2dd7
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.641Z][WARN]-worker process info: /greengrass/ggc/packages/1.7.0/var/worker/processes
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.641Z][WARN]-worker process info: /greengrass/ggc/packages/1.7.0/var/worker/processes
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.641Z][INFO]-Reloading registry
[2019-01-18T03:17:22.642Z][INFO]-The current core is using the AWS IoT certificates with fingerprint: 7591dcd10e96f86dd2d323d468b84b419b26280bbcfd3c0eee45c5a12c6d2dd7

I've checked and I'm able to successfully hit the ATS endpoint using OpenSSL and the certificates that I have. I'm using Amazon's recommended certificate from the Greengrass tutorial RSA 2048 bit key: Amazon Root CA 1.

What are some diagnostic steps or clues where to go from here?

I've had this issue before. I believe it's just a bug with the internals getting mangled from a bad deployment.

The way I brute force hanging deployments are to create a new core and then add known working lamdbas in a working group to the new core, kill and restart the deamon on the core device, and then redeploy.

Greengrass deployment stuck on 'In, Hi, I've successfully deployed the hello world greengrass sample project and then tried to deploy the hello world counter sample greengrass  The DeploymentStatus is set to Building when the reset deployment is being prepared. When the reset deployment is ready but the AWS IoT Greengrass core has not picked up the reset deployment, the DeploymentStatus is InProgress. If the reset operation fails, error information is returned in the response.

So for me, I had 2 things misconfigured which prevented successful deployment

  1. The deployment was stuck "in progress" because the permissions in the policy and role that were attached needed lambda permissions to deploy. Once I did this, the deployment went from "in progress" to "failed deployment" which brought me to the second mistake.

  2. The EC2 instance which was hosting the core software somehow didn't run the setup shell script correctly (probably didn't run it as sudo) and my cgroups were not fully setup for memory (not sure what this means but you need it setup)

Thank you Steve B for the help!

Troubleshooting AWS IoT Greengrass, Greengrass Deployment Stuck In Progress. I created a group and a core using the console, and deploy something, and faced issues of  Open the group.json file (located in /greengrass-root/ggc/deployment/group), replace the contents of the file with an empty JSON object ({}), and run the following commands to start AWS IoT Greengrass: cd /greengrass/ggc/core/ sudo./greengrassd start Then follow the steps in the To cache messages in local storage procedure.

I've encountered the mention issue many times. In my case, the problem was always related about internet connectivity.

To check your system, before starting the deployment process, please subscribe # (wildcard) to listen all topics and check out messages related about deployments. If you don't see any incoming messages, It means network connectivity is the problem.

Then you can run this command ping where the greengrass core installed to investigate the issue. If everything seems Ok, you can start deployment again. But If you see lost packages, you should investigate the main issues which causes the network problem.

AWS Greengrass Pro Tips, AWS CodeDeploy Deployment is stuck in progress. So I have a problem with AWS CodeDeploy. I used the basic example from their documentation, just to  Greengrass daemon starts, but nothing happens. Deployment is stuck forever with status “In progress’. What is wrong? Most likely, it is a connection problem. Greengrass relies on MQTT (port 8883) for messaging and HTTPS (port 443) for downloading deployment artifacts. Make sure that your network connection allows the traffic.

AWS Greengrass Worksheet - 로보토미, These are the steps to get a raspberry pi setup with IoT greengrass The irony of this is that deploying the foundation of AWS Greengrass can be quite complex and messy. Greengrass deployment stuck on 'In Progress' ? Greengrass sends an event every time a Greengrass group deployment changes state. Customers can create EventBridge rules to take actions based on deployment changes. With this new feature, customers can send notifications, capture event information, take corrective action, or initiate other events for deployments.

Help! AWS CodeDeploy Deployment is stuck in progress, Click on your group, GGStoryLine. In the navigation pane, click Deployments. Click Actions > Deploy. In the Configure how Devices discover your  The deployment of the Greengrass group can be done through the UI or CloudFormation. If you have an interest in how to do it by the UI, please check the AWS guide on this, however I would advise against it for this tutorial. CloudFormation is a much better option as it gives us flexibility for re-configuration later on through code changes.

AWS IoT SiteWise with raspberry pi Temperature Sensor DS18B20 , json or the Greengrass core certificates). You cannot initiate a reset of deployments for a group if the group currently has a deployment with status of In Progress or  The AWS IoT Greengrass Core software runs on a hub, gateway, or other device to automatically sync and interact with the cloud. AWS IoT Greengrass Core is designed to run on devices with a general-purpose processor that are powerful enough to run a general-purpose operating system, such as Linux.

  • Thanks for the suggestion! Seems that the issue was the policy I had attached was rather bare and needed to be revised!
  • Thanks for posting the solution Sahm.
  • @SahmSamarghandi can you share your policy. I'm facing the same issue, although I have attached FullAccess and ReadAccess policy to my role. I'm still stuck in-progress for almost 6 hours, no logs nothing. It's getting frustrating.