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I am trying to add an image to the in my repository using markdown below:


But the image is not showing when I visit my repository. Instead the link to the image is showing up. Clicking the link will open the image in new window.

I have also tried using relative path:


But this is giving page not found error.

What is the correct markdown to display image in

Both and image file are in same path/directory.

What is the correct way to display an image in github

Complete content of file is as below:


A MP3 player which accept voice command like PLAY, PAUSE, FORWARD, etc. Using C# and Microsoft Speech API.


Images in Markdown not showing when uploaded to Git · Issue , You can see in the screenshot below that the header image is not available. The markdown that is supposed to link the image  Hello, I added the image according to a plenty of different instructions. However it's not showing up. Can anybody take a look and spot the issue? Here is the repo. Thank you EDIT: it looks like it is related to the =250x250 paramter. How to set a specific size for images in GitHub?

You really should use relative urls. That way they'll work better for private repos as well.


supposing your repo has latest.png inside the screenshots folder.


README Images not showing up in README preview on , Hello, I added the image according to a plenty of different instructions. However it's not showing up. Can anybody take a look and spot the issue  thx. wrote: Hi @shadowelite7, files are created using Markdown which you can use to format text and add images. The GitHub Guide for Mastering Markdown has some helpful hints that can get you started with this.

For relative URL's to work with images, wrap it inside the paragraph tag.

I was facing the problem, especially when working with the single image.


    <img src="relativePath/file.png" width="220" height="240" />

Image not showing up in, How do I add a screenshot to a readme in github? Please help!!! Jupyter Notebook Markdown Images are not showing on GIt. This is the actual notebook containing images: But this is what shows on GitHub: Link to my notebook on GitHub. Hi, did you find a solution? I had the same problem (I copy&paste images into local notebook then upload to Github) and could not find a solution.

An extension to previous answers...

The image would not show for me when the line:


Was directly below a <h2></h2> line and I needed to add an empty line between them.

Hopefully this saves someone some time!

Easily Add /img to GitHub, I followed the guide to insert images into the file but I still can not display the images the README with the broken images : my  The problem that I'm having is that when including an image in as ![basic CRUD](BasicCrud.png), with the image file in the same directory, the displayed README file is expanding the image to the width of the screen. I don't want it to scale the image at all!

Thought I would update this for 2019 as I had trouble figuring this out for myself. I uploaded my images to a repo on GitHub, and then used the raw url of the image to import it into my markdown file. To get the raw url, click on the specific image link in GitHub so you are on the page for that specific image. To the top right of the photo, there are two buttons, "Download" and "History". If you click "Download", it takes you to that raw url with the picture taking up the full screen. Copy that url, and then paste it like this in your markdown file:

![image description or alt text](

The button used to say "Raw" not "Download" so I hope this helps people find it.

the usual problem with images in, Solved: Hello, I am trying to add some images to my file as ! branch, but when pushing changes the images are not showing up. to claim projects are migrating from GitHub into here if it does not support such simple feature. Click on the image you'd like to display in Github (this brings up the "Object Details" page) Copy pasta that URL (the one starting with https not gs ) into a new browser tab/window Copy pasta the new generated URL -- it should be longer -- from your new browser tab/window into your Github README file

Solved: How to add images to, You may be missing the full path/location to the image you want to include in your Markdown file. The example given is a relative path, where the image rests on  GitHub will automatically transform your relative link or image path based on whatever branch you're currently on, so that the link or path always works. You can use all relative link operands, such as ./ and ../. Relative links are easier for users who clone your repository.

Markdown to insert and display an image on GitHub repo, When working with GitHub on things like files, it's often helpful a dialog for adding an image given its URL, but no facility for uploading it. The repository shown in the screenshots is my Clean Architecture Sign up to receive a free developer tip from Steve in your inbox every Wednesday. The best solution is to provide a path relative to the folder where the md document is located. Probably a browser is in trouble when it tries to resolve the absolute path of a local file. That can be solved by accessing the file trough a webserver, but even in that situation, the image path has to be right.

Easily Add /img to GitHub, In this screencast I'll show you how to add images to your GitHub Readme files. You can Duration: 3:54 Posted: Apr 26, 2018 When working with GitHub on things like files, it's often helpful to include pictures. Unfortunately, when editing markdown files online, there's no built-in capability to add /img: Typically, this would mean you would need to create an image yourself and commit it into your repository somewhere so you could then reference it.