Is it possible to change up button icon in Navigation Component?

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I would like to change up button icon in ActionBar that is working with Navigation Component. I've tried several options like:


in MainAcitivty or


in Toolbar .xml file and nothing seems to work.

I have a pretty standard setup with

setupActionBarWithNavController(this, navController)

called in MainActivity:onCreate method.

I would expect that


would work, because for example disabling title for ActionBar by calling:


works as expected and title is not set to Fragment name while navigating.

What's more, I investigated a little bit and in ActionBarOnDestinationChangedListener there is a call to setNavigationIcon which is setting an icon to DrawerArrowDrawable, which is a little bit weird since I'm not using Drawer in my setup.

Also changing to:

setupWithNavController(toolbar, navController)

is not working because ToolbarOnDestinationChangedListener also using the same DrawerArrowDrawable.

I have found answer. I checked issue tracker for navigation component and it seems like for now it's impossible to change it without a workaround:

Gladly it's still possible, we just need to implement OnDestinationChangedListener and change icon there as it's called after setNavigationIcon in AbstractAppBarOnDestinationChangedListener. Here is a code:

navController.addOnDestinationChangedListener { _, _, _ ->

You can even differ icon for different destinations.

It's temporary solution as this feature is not there yet. I'm using 1.0.0-alpha09 version of the navigation component.

How to Customize the Navigation Bar Icons on Android Oreo, How do I change the navigation icon on my Android? You need to select the button and then tap on the ‘Type’. Select the keycode as per your wish and then tap on ‘Icon’. There you need to select the icon as per your wish. That’s it, you are done!

If you do not use a supportActionBar but use your own toolbar intead, the solution is as follows.

navController.addOnDestinationChangedListener { _, destination, _ ->

        if ( == {


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You can implement NavigationController.OnDestinationChangedListener and use the Toolbar.setNavigationIcon method to set the icon. I would recommend using AppBarConfiguration.topLevelDestinations to determine if your destination is a top-level destination and set your icons accordingly. Kotlin Example:

navController.addOnDestinationChangedListener { _, destination, _ ->
            val isTopLevelDestination = appBarConfiguration.topLevelDestinations.contains(
                if(isTopLevelDestination) R.drawable.ic_menu
                else R.drawable.ic_back

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Update UI components with NavigationUI, See Single Activity: Why, When, and How to learn more about the advantages of using fragments. which was used by the activity because nothing needs to change to the layout itself. android:icon="@drawable/ic_menu_slideshow" closing the DrawerLayout and handling Up and Back button behavior appropriately. With the introduction of action bars in Android 3.0, a second navigation mechanism appeared: the Up button, consisting of the app icon and a left-point caret. Up vs. Back. The Up button is used to navigate within an app based on the hierarchical relationships between screens.

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