How to merge json file using jq?

How to merge json file using jq?

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I'm using the jq tools (jq-json-processor) in shell script to parse json.

I've got 2 json files and want to merge them into one unique file

Here the content of files:


{"tag_id" : ["t1"], "inst_id" : "s1"}
{"tag_id" : ["t1"], "inst_id" : "s2"}


{"tag_id" : ["t2"], "inst_id" : "s1"}
{"tag_id" : ["t2"], "inst_id" : "s2"}
{"tag_id" : ["t2"], "inst_id" : "s3"}

expected result:

{"tag_id" : ["t1","t2"], "inst_id" : "s1"}
{"tag_id" : ["t1","t2"], "inst_id" : "s2"}
{"tag_id" : ["t2"], "inst_id" : "s3"}

Here's a join-like approach. It assumes your jq has INDEX/2 and supports the --slurpfile command-line option. If your jq does not have these, now would be a good time to upgrade, though there are easy workarounds.

jq -n --slurpfile file1 file1.json -f join.jq file2.json
def join(s2; joinField; field):
  INDEX(.[]; joinField) 
  | reduce s2 as $x (.;
      ($x|joinField) as $key
      | if .[$key] then (.[$key]|field) += ($x|field)
        else .[$key] = $x
      end )
  | .[]

$file1 | join(inputs; .inst_id; .tag_id)

How to merge 2 JSON objects from 2 files using jq?, If I understand your question correctly, you just want to output an array which contains the object in each file. In this case, -s will already do that  jq -s '.[0] + .[1]' config.json config-user.json (Note: if you want to merge inner objects instead of just overwriting the left file ones with the right file ones, you will need to do it manually)

One way is to use group_by:

jq -n --slurpfile file1 file1.json --slurpfile file2 file2.json -f merge.jq

where merge.jq contains:

def sigma(f): reduce f as $x (null; . + $x);

$file1 + $file2
| group_by(.inst_id)[]
| {tag_id: sigma(.[].tag_id), inst_id: .[0].inst_id }

How to merge json files using jq or any tool?, thx · Issue #805 · stedolan/jq · GitHub. Skip to content. Sign up. Type a period and the key name without a space between them. This creates a filter from the key name. We also need to tell jq which JSON file to use. We type the following to retrieve the message value: jq .message iss.json. jq prints the text of the message value in the terminal window.

The following approach is very efficient in that:

(a) it takes advantage of the fact that file1.json and file2.json are streams of objects, thus avoiding the memory required to store these objects as arrays;

(b) it avoids sorting (as entailed, for example, by group_by)

The key concept is the keywise-addition of objects. For performing keywise-addition of objects in a stream, we define the following generic function:

# s is assumed to be a stream of mutually
# compatible objects in the sense that, given
# any key of any object, the values at that key
# must be compatible w.r.t. `add`
def keywise_add(s):
  reduce s as $x ({};
     reduce ($x|keys_unsorted)[] as $k (.; 
       .[$k] += $x[$k]));

The task can now be accomplished as follows:

keywise_add(inputs | {(.inst_id): .tag_id} )
| keys_unsorted[] as $k
| {tag_id: .[$k], inst_id: $k}

With the above program in add.jq, the invocation:

jq -c -n -f add.jq file1.json file2.json



The above assumes that inst_id is string-valued. If that is not the case, then the above approach can still be used so long as there are no collisions amongst inst_id|tostring, which would be the case, for example, if inst_id were always numeric.

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join two json files based on common key · Issue #1247 · stedolan/jq , I try to using the jq tools (jq-json-processor) in shell script to merge the fields two json. Here the content of files: First file { "username": "Bob", "password":  Other assumptions are that you are using jq 1.5 or later, and of course that all the *.json files in the current directory are relevant and that *.json lists them in the desired order. If the ordering of the JSON files is best determined by explicitly listing them, then you will probably want to create a batch file.

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