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I've been looking for a bit, but haven't found a good answer. I've found that I could generate the code in a VBA procedure and run it from there, however, i'm working on someone else's design and don't want to change it up too much.

In part of that pass-through query we have something like this:

WHERE (((ID='380')

I want the 380 to be code that will look at a UserForm combo box, write a query for my database returning a value WHERE column = combobox.value

I hope that makes sense, let me know if anyone know's how to work with this. Thanks.

You can set the combobox to put the selected value in a cell, and then link the query to the value of that cell via a parameter.

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Dynamically Change the Access Passthrough Query Definition, Use the following code to dynamically change the Access passthrough query definition, which helps to pull necessary data from the server while avoiding redundant network traffic. The resulting passthrough query can be used to connect to any list box or combo box. Creating the SQL Pass-Through Query Access 2002 or Access 2003. In the Database window, click Queries under Objects, and then click New. In the New Query dialog box, click Design View, and then click OK. Click Close in the Show Table dialog box without adding any tables or queries. On the Query menu, point to SQL Specific, and then click Pass-Through.

After looking around a lot and researching a bit it seemed that only a stored procedure on the server (Which I cannot do) or creating a string and passing that string to the pass-through query are my options. I'm going to pursue the string option since it seems like the best option with my constraints here. if anyone comes up with any idea's later on that would help, let me know. Thanks.

MS Access Forms, Create a SQL passthrough query in Access that will connect to the SQL Server and the Adventure Works database. Save and name the Pass Through query SQL_EmployeeList. Click on the Pass-Through button in the Ribbon. Click on the Properties button and click on the ellipsis button next to the ODBC Connect Str property. Connect to a server database. For more information about linking to SQL Server, see Import or link to data in an SQL Select Create > Query Design. Close the Show Table dialog box. Select Design > Pass-Through. Access hides the query design grid and displays SQL View. If the query property sheet

One way would be to store a template query in a pass through query, say:

select * from table where ID = [ID]

Then use VBA to read the query, substitute the ID, write it out to another prepared query, and execute it. Something like this:

Sub zzz()

    Dim SQL As String

    With CurrentDb
        SQL = .QueryDefs("PassThruQueryTemplate").SQL
        .QueryDefs("PassThruQuery").SQL = Replace(SQL, "[ID]", "380")
        .Execute "PassThruQuery"
    End With

End Sub

VBA for Dynamic Pass-Through Query - MSDN, I'm running Access 2010 on a Win7 machine. Below is my VBA I found on the internet that will write a dynamic pass-through query that I  Click on the Pass-Through button in the Ribbon. Click on the Properties button and click on the ellipsis button next to the ODBC Connect Str property. Select the Adventure Works data source. If not already created, click New and follow the Wizard to set up a new data source. Create the Unbound MS Access Form

Dynamic parameter on Pass-Through query?, CarSchedule table instead of a local Access table=2E I have had= good success returning data from DB2 using Pass-Through queries= using no or static  What Is a Pass-through Query? A pass-through query is used to pass an SQL request directly to a server. In contrast to normal Access queries, the pass-through query is not syntax-checked by Access. The SQL. statement in the pass-through query must conform to the server’s SQL syntax. None of Access’s unique SQL structures are allowed.

Access Parameters -> SQL Pass Through Query, However I needed the pass through query to be more dynamic and use whichever ID that is currently in focus from the main form. So digging  To convert the query into a pass-through query, select Query | SQL Specific | Pass-Through from the menu bar. In doing so you will see that the query view switches to SQL text. Once you convert the query into a pass-through query, design view is not available. This should be familiar ground though for the experienced or novice SQL Server DBA.

How to include a parameter in Pass Through Query, I know how to get a Pass Through Query running for a simple query but I get Here is an example of such passing in the dynamic name of the database table. A Pass-through query allows you to execute a SQL statement directly against the tables in an external database (such as an Oracle, Sybase, or SQL Server database). This method uses your ODBC connection to directly access the data in the external database without having to link to the tables or import the data from the external database. This tutorial will demonstrate how to create pass-through queries as well as how to integrate pass-through queries with other queries in your Access database.

  • A cell? Do you mean a field-? Also, will that work since the pass-through query will send the whole query to the other server and then execute server-side and relay the results, just two communications instead of back and forth? What do you mean, parameter?
  • Search "excel adding parameters to pass through query". Try this one:…
  • Thanks, I'm researching parameters as they may relate to pass-through queries for access. I hope I can find something.
  • That link I gave you pretty much does it, I think. Cheers