How can I set Visual Studio to use K&R style bracketing?

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I really don't like this style of formatting:

Class AwesomeClass
    private static void AwesomeMethod()



Can I make it format my code like this?

Class AwesomeClass {

    private static void AwesomeMethod() {


Go to Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > Formatting > New Lines.

In recent version of Visual Studio (at least 2017):

Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > Code Style > Formatting > New Lines

Then just uncheck every option you see there.

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Tools > Options

Check "Show all settings"

Text Editor > C# > Formatting > New Lines

Uncheck the settings for where you want no extra newline added. Personally I always uncheck all items in this category.

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Tools->Options->Text Editor->C/C++->Formatting->New Lines

change all values to

"Keep on the same line, but add a space before"

then select a block and reformat with Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F

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