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Is there a way (Pattern or Python or NLTK, etc) to detect of a sentence has a list of words in it.


The cat ran into the hat, box, and house. | The list would be hat, box, and house

This could be string processed but we may have more generic lists:


The cat likes to run outside, run inside, or jump up the stairs. |

List=run outside, run inside, or jump up the stairs.

This could be in the middle of a paragraph or the end of the sentence which further complicates things.

I've been working with Pattern for python for awhile and I'm not seeing a way to go about this and was curious if there is a way with pattern or nltk (natural language tool kit).

What about using from nltk.tokenize import sent_tokenize ?

sent_tokenize("Hello SF Python. This is NLTK.")
["Hello SF Python.", "This is NLTK."]

Then you can use that list of sentences in this way:

for sentence in my_list:
  # test if this sentence contains the words you want
  # using all() method 

More info here

Python, For each substring in list of sentences, it checks how many words are there in the current substring and stores it in a variable 'k'. If the length of 'k' matches with  map() method applies a function on list of sentences and check if all words are contained in the list or not by splitting the list of words. It returns a boolean value for each substring of the list of sentence and store it in ‘res’. Finally, repeat the same steps as in approach #1.

From what I got from your question, I think you want to search whether all the words in your list is present in a sentence or not.

In general to search for a list elements, in a sentence, you can use all function. It returns true, if all the arguments in it are true.

listOfWords = ['word1', 'word2', 'word3', 'two words']
sentence = "word1 as word2 a fword3 af two words"

if all(word in sentence for word in listOfWords):
    print "All words in sentence"
    print "Missing"


"All words in sentence"

I think this might serve your purpose. If not, then you can clarify.

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all(word in sentence for word in listOfWords)

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Find a word in a cell from a list of words, I have a list of words in a column and sentence in a cell. I am going to try using a named range to see if that will work with the list being on a different sheet. A sentence ends with punctuation (a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point). He obtained his degree. A sentence contains a subject that is only given once. Smith he obtained his degree. A sentence contains a verb or a verb phrase. He obtained his degree. A sentence follows Subject + Verb + Object word order.

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Python Program to Sort Words in Alphabetic Order, In this program, you'll learn to sort the words in alphabetic order using for loop and display it. string: ") # breakdown the string into a list of words words = my_str.split() # sort the list words.sort() Check Whether a String is Palindrome or Not. Some sentences can be very short, with only two or three words expressing a complete thought, like this: They waited. This sentence has a subject (They) and a verb (waited), and it expresses a complete thought. We can understand the idea completely with just those two words, so again, it’s independent—an independent clause.

  • Is your sentence the whole string or do you want to match a sentence within a larger text and return that sentence only?
  • Must the words occur in the order given? I.e., are you looking for a subset or a subsequence?
  • Are strings that contain those words valid? Such as "that" having the word "hat" as a substring for example.
  • Sorry for the delay, but I am not looking for a list of known words in a sentence. I am interested if it is possible to have a sentence and be able to know if there is a list of words in it. For example if I had: "I love to walk, run, and bike". I'd like my code to look at this sentence and tell me a list exists and it is: walk, run, and bike. To further complicate things, I am not guarnated that I will have that exact format. I could have two words in a list, etc. My initial thought is to just look at the second to last word, if its and, or then start reading backwards by ","'s as delim
  • This is the closest solution I could come up with. I simply use pattern (or you can use NLTK) to split the sentences up. But before hand I check to see if there is a list by finding out if the next word after the last ',' is and or but. If it is I back up and read to the previous ','. I set a 3 word max for my lists and this gets me as close as I can to a solution. The problem is that if I have 'the cat jumped over the hat, box, and cup" The first part of the list might be 'over the hat' which is acceptable for what I'm doing.
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