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So I have a prop called data which takes a string as an argument, for example

  data="Some text, some other text"

How can I add a line break after Some text, let's say? would a simple escaped /n tag work( I mean, is it best practice? )

It totally depends on how you are going to use your data prop. Escaped Characters (\n) will not work in JSX. In this case, I would suggest splitting the lines over multiple props or passing an Array with multiple lines.

However, if you are going to use it for an input element like a textarea, you can use Escaped Characters just fine.

How can I insert a line break into a <Text> component in React , This should do it: <Text> Hi~{"\n"} this is a test message. </Text>. {this.props.text.split(' ').map(function(item, key) {return (<span key={key}>{item}<br/></span>)})} Now we're wrapping each line-break in a span, and that works fine because span’s has display

You could always have the text be a child prop of your component.

    <p>Here I'd like one line</p>
    <p>Here I'd like another line</p>

Then in MyComp you can just display it with {props.children}

React Newline to break (nl2br) - Kevin Simper, {this.props.text.split('\n').map(function(item, key) { return ( <span key={key}> {item} <br/> </span> ) })}. Now we're wrapping each line-break in a  MultiLine Text. In this Example of MultiLine Text / Break Text in React Native, we will see how can you break the text of a Text Component in multiline using a new line character. So let’s get started. To Break the Text

If your objective is to render your text directly, \n will not work.

You can for example, add a <br/> tag at the end of your rendering function :

const MyComp = ({ data }) => <p>{data}<br/></p>

And if it is optional, you can add a boolean prop :

  data="Some text, some other text"

const MyComp = ({ data, break }) => <p>{data}{break && <br/>}</p>

Another method could be to use nested components, for more flexibility :

        Some text, some other text<br/>

const MyComp = ({ clidren }) => children

But if you simply want to send this text somwehere else, adding \n is alright.

React Native Notes 3: How to insert a line break into a text , How do you put a line break in a text message? fontWeight. Specifies font weight. The values 'normal' and 'bold' are supported for most fonts. Not all fonts have a variant for each of the numeric values, in that case the closest one is chosen.

Multiline strings in JSON, How do you add a new line to a JSON text object? I am using react. I want to add a line break <br> between strings 'No results' and 'Please try another search term.'. I have tried 'No results.<br>Please try another search term.' but it does not work, I need to add the <br> in the html. Any ideas how to solve it?

How do I create a new line in Javascript?, That will display all the items inline even if the line break is present : Location 1 Location 2. Instead of adding unnecessary <br /> tags to the  value. The value to show for the text input. TextInput is a controlled component, which means the native value will be forced to match this value prop if provided. For most uses, this works great, but in some cases this may cause flickering - one common cause is preventing edits by keeping value the same.

Display line break content in React with just CSS, Hey,. “React Native Notes 3: How to insert a line break into a text component?” is published by Kuray Ogun in FreakyCoder Software Blog. Text properties that could inherit from outside of the props would break this isolation. (Implementor) The implementation of React Native is also simplified. We do not need to have a fontFamily field on every single element, and we do not need to potentially traverse the tree up to the root every time we display a text node.

  • you can add \n
  • I splitted /w multiple props