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I am making a hangman game and I have to check to see that all the letters in the word are all in right array and then only return true. I am stuck at this point as I do not know how to return true once all the letters are in

I have tried different false and true scenarios but they don't seem to be working. The for loop below is what I have tried to do.

// This function returns true if the secret word has been guessed correctly.
// Otherwise, it will return false.

bool iswordcomplete(char secretword[], char rights[]) {
// Task 3. Finish this function
// Use a for loop to look at each position of the secret word
// If all letters in the secret word is in the rights array,
// return true; otherwise, return false.
         for (i = 0; i < strlen(secretword); i++) {
            if secretword[i] != rights
                 return false;

         return false;

You can use a bool operator :

bool returned = true; //True by default
for (i = 0; i < strlen(secretword); i++) 
    if (secretword[i] != rights) // | If test returns false, returned is set to false
        returned &= false;       // | If test returns true, returned stays false if previously set to false
return returned;

It should put the value at false when the test is false but will not put it back to true

Check if an array contains any element of another array in , checks each element of the array against a test function and returns true if any @description determine if an array contains one or more items from another array​. return a new array with the items that it matched and if not matches it returns some previous approaches is that they require an exact match of every word. Check every cell, if the cell has first character, then recur one by one and try all 4 directions from that cell for a match. Mark the position in the grid as visited and recur in the 4 possible directions. After recurring, again mark the position as unvisited. Once all the letters in the word is matched, return true.

You are comparing the content of the secretword array cells with the rights array pointer: secretword[i] != rights.

This is not what you want. You want to compare the cells data: secretword[i] != rights[i]

In order to know if a letter of secretword is in rights, you have to loop over rights for all letters of secretword:

bool iswordcomplete(char secretword[], char rights[]) {
  for (int i = 0; i < strlen(secretword); i++) {
    bool isInRights = false;
    // we loop over all characters of rights. We stop at first match
    for (int j = 0; j < strlen(rights) && !isInRights; j++)
      isInRights = (secretword[i] == rights[j]);
    if (!isInRights)
      // We haven't found anything in right, let's stop
      return false;

  // If we reach this line, all the characters from secretword are in rights
  return true;

Java 1.4 Game Programming, The method replace is another useful method that replaces all of a specified Word. on. Regular. Expressions. In order to gain a complete understanding of regular What we can do, however, is tell you what they are and give you some simple in a String object, returning true if the match was found and false if it was not. Given a 2D grid of characters and a word, find all occurrences of the given word in the grid. A word can be matched in all 8 directions at any point. Word is said to be found in a direction if all characters match in this direction (not in zig-zag form).

Ok, I've got two bags full of letters, bags A and B. I want to know if bag A contains the same letters as bag B.

The steps you are following are:

  1. Get a letter from bag A named a. If none are left go to step 4
  2. Check if the letter a is equal to bag B.
  3. If it isn't say both bags don't match.
  4. Say both bags don't match.

Do you by chance see the flaws in your logic? Hint: steps 2 and 4 seem a bit off.

A naive way to solve this problem, but that would actually work would be:

  1. Get a letter from bag A named a. If none are left go to step 4.
  2. Go through all letters in bag B trying to find a match with current a.
  3. If a match is found, go to step 1. If not, both bags don't match. Exit.
  4. Bag A and bag B will contain the same letters only and only if the number of letters in A and B are the same.

C#, Exists(T[], Predicate<T>) Method is used to check whether the specified array contains It return true if array contains one or more elements that match the conditions is present in array: True Is element start with O letter is present in array: False C# | Remove all elements of a List that match the conditions defined by the  BTW, your true array formula is far more robust and deals with situations such as having a cell which contains TWO of the words from the list. It is also more forgiving if the ROW function is fed a number of rows that doesn’t match exactly the number of rows in the “list”.

You could try to use the <algorithm> library with std::all_of and std::find. Possible solution would be:

bool iswordcomplete(char secretword[], char rights[]) {
    char* s_end = secretword + std::strlen(secretword);
    char* r_end = rights + std::strlen(rights);
    return std::all_of(secretword, s_end, [&rights,&r_end](char ch) {
        return std::find(rights, r_end, ch) != r_end;

How to Check if an Array Contains a Value in Java Efficiently?, In the following I will show the time cost of each method. String targetValue) { for(String s: arr){ if(s.equals(targetValue)) return true; } return false; } Pushing the array to another collection requires spin through all elements to read for an array of random strings of size 1k, 1M, 10M elements and see the differences then. It is a very simple INDEX formula. 3 rd value of the array A3:A8 is returned by this formula. Example 4 =INDEX(A3:C8,2,3) This formula returns the intersection value 2 nd row and 3 rd column of the range A3:C8. # MATCH Function Excel. MATCH function returns the position of a value in an array of values. The Syntax of MATCH function:

freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Mutations - Guide, Return true if the string in the first element of the array contains all of the letters of the string Use indexOf() to check if the letter of the second word is on the first. What I want to do is check if the String contains a word present in the Array, like this. Ex: textInput = "for example" and ArrayEx[0] = "example" I know about this method: Arrays.asList(yourArray).contains(yourValue) but it checks the full String right? How do I check if the String contains a particular word present in the Array.

JavaScript Includes To Search In Strings & Arrays, Learn how to search arrays and strings to determine if they contain How to Use JavaScript ‍ includes to Find Matches in Strings and Arrays The method returns true or false to indicate if the sub-string or you need, regular expressions can check if a sub-string exists with a All Rights Reserved. The look up value is TRUE and the match type is set to zero to force an exact match. When there is a matching color, MATCH returns the position first TRUE found. This value is fed into the INDEX function as the row number, with the named range "things" provided as the array.

Array methods, Here we can see that splice returns the array of removed elements: let result = arr . find ( function ( item , index , array ) { // if true is returned, The syntax is similar to find , but filter returns an array of all matching elements: The call to split(s) with an empty s would split the string into an array of letters:. For this, we can use VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH functions combo. In the following image, you are seeing some company names, their origin country, and market category. We want to return full company name using a partial match of the name. Say, if we look up with Diamond, we want that full company name “Aber Diamond Ltd.” will return.