How can I acces drag-and-drop buttons by String in a loop?

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I am working on a desktop application which includes graphic scheme and that scheme has 50 drag-and-drop buttons(they are not dynamically allocated) they are all named similar(for example button 1 is btnP1, button 2 is btnP2 etc...). I would like to access those buttons with a for loop using string, I checked some previous posts on this site but none of those answers helped my problem.

I wrote 50 lines of codes to add those buttons to controls, and the same moment I add them to the controls they disappear from the graphic scheme. Later I tried to access them through for loop, but nothing happened, since they disappear once I add them to the controls..

        ... and so on

for(int i = 1; i <= 50; i++)
this.Controls["btnP"+ i.ToString()].Visible= False;

I would like to find out if there is some other way to access my buttons, because I need them to be shown and hidden.

To loop over all buttons within one control you can use a foreach loop

foreach(Button btn in this.Controls.OfType<Button>())
   btn.Visible = false; //every button in you Control

With this code lines you run through the entire Control.

With the OfType method you filter only the buttons out of the control. So you prevent an InvalidCastException error.


Alice 2.0: Introductory Concepts and Techniques, Drag a copy of the Loop tile from the bottom of the Editor area and drop it in Select other, then enter 100 in the Custom Number dialog box and click the Okay button. However, the loop index is a number but the say command uses strings​. Figure 1 – Drag and Drop from a list box to a text box. Just to be perfectly clear, I’m talking about dragging and dropping data, not the controls themselves. That means that some controls aren’t conducive to drag-and-drop. For example, you can’t drag a Command button or a Toggle button.

Similar to Mario's answer but I would probably expand the selectors if their naming is consistent and filter out ones that can't be dropped:

        foreach (Button btn in this.Controls.OfType<Button>().Where(x => x.Name.StartsWith("btnP") && x.AllowDrop))
            btn.Visible = false;

Drag and Drop in Access, Doug Steele shows you how to add drag-and-drop to your Access application That means that some controls aren't conducive to drag-and-drop. One solution is to concatenate each of the selected entries from the list box into a single string In this code, if DragCtrl is a list box with more than one row selected, I loop  Moreover, drag-and-drop can be implemented between a JavaFX application and a third-party (native) application such as Windows Explorer or a desktop. A drag-and-drop gesture happens as follows: The user click a mouse button on a gesture source, drags the mouse, and releases the mouse button on a gesture target.

LINQ version:

.Where(b => b.Name.StartsWith("btnP") && b.AllowDrop)
.ForEach(b => b.Visible = false);

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