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I have searched a lot and I know how to open a directory dialog window. But what I am looking for is the method to open a directory folder under windows OS, just like you right click one of your local folder and select open.

Any suggestions?

Try this:

dir_ = QtGui.QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory(None, 'Select a folder:', 'C:\\', QtGui.QFileDialog.ShowDirsOnly)

If the user hits cancel, then dir_ is empty.

PyQt - QFileDialog - directly browse to a folder?, QFileDialog(self, 'Audio Files', directory, filter) dialog. If you want to open directly another path you can just use python's directory functions  PyQt - QFileDialog Widget - This widget is a file selector dialog. It enables the user to navigate through the file system and select a file to open or save. The dialog is invoked either t

For the effect that you are looking for do this :

import os
os.system('explorer.exe "C:\users\%username%\Desktop"')

This opens your Desktop window just like you open any folder. You can substitute C:\users\%username%\Desktop with whatever folder you need to open.

PyQt - QFileDialog Widget, PyQt - QFileDialog Widget - This widget is a file selector dialog. It enables the user to navigate through the file system and select a file to open or save. The dialog is The starting directory and default file name can also be set. Important​  Currently I can open a folder by using. dirPath = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(self.oVidPath)) QDesktopServices.openUrl(QUrl.fromLocalFile(dirPath)) I want to know if there is anyway I can open folder with a file preselected? I am okay if it only works on linux systems (nautilus is preferred)

For python 3.7 you can just do:


PyQt5.QtWidgets.QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory Python Example, text() # open select folder dialog fname = QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory( self, '​Select a directory',  I'm trying to implement a folder viewer to view the structure of a specific path. and this folder view should look like a the tree widget in PyQT , i know that the file dialog can help , but i need to have it inside my main window.

You may simply try this:


This starts the default OS application for whatever_valid_filename, meaning Explorer for a folder name, default notepad for a .txt file, etc.

PyQt4.QtGui.QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory Python Example, def _find_dir(self): """ Find directory with an open directory dialog Arguments: None Returns: getExistingDirectory(Dialog, 'Open a folder', os.sep, QFileDialog​. def changeFolder(self, button): # get download_path from lineEdit download_path = self.download_folder_lineEdit.text() # open select folder dialog fname = QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory( self, 'Select a directory', download_path) if fname: # Returns pathName with the '/' separators converted to separators that are appropriate for the underlying operating system.

[PyQt] Directory selection dialog on windows - Coding, Hey there, is there any way to have a decent directory selector using PyQt without getExistingDirectory(None, 'Open working directory', startingDir, QtGui. If I store the path that i want to open in a string called finalpath which looks something like this: "./2.8 Movies/English/Die Hard Series" then how do i open this in Windows Explorer?(Windows 10)(Python 3.6.2) P.S I know many people have asked this question but I did not find them clear. Please answer soon.

PyQt5 Directory View - Python Tutorial, PyQt can show a directory structure using a QTreeView. For the treeview to show as a directory tree, we need to set its model to a  I am kind of new to Python and especially new to PyQT. I Used PyQT5 to create a very simple gui. Now, I would like to upgrade it to involve something more real then to calculate number operations.

Opening files with file picker, def onInputFileButtonClicked(self): filename, filter = QtGui.QFileDialog.​getOpenFileName(parent=self, caption='Open file', dir='.', filter='*.kicad_pcb'). If that is the case, as a work-around, the wheel files can be treated as zip files and the contents extracted to a suitable location. This should then allow you to run the designer.exe file that is in the pyqt5-tools/designer folder. Finally, note that you will also see some zip and tar.gz files at sourceforge for PyQt5.